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Peyton Manning: Best Quarterback Ever?

Updated on February 1, 2014

Is Peyton Manning really the best quarterback ever?

I have been a longtime fan of Peyton Manning. Colts and the Bronco's are both teams I admire, but I have to admit they are not my team. I am a Giants fan, with Peyton's little brother being my team's QB.

But ever since Peyton was drafted, and the Colts had the tough decision between him and Ryan Leaf (remember THAT guy), I have been a fan of Manning.

Manning elevates every team he is on. He may not be winning a Super Bowl every year, but he may always be one of the most valuable players on his team. Just look what happened to the Colts two years ago when he was suddenly hurt, they immediately went from a playoff team to a team that could barely make a single win. Quite a change with only one guy absent.

By all measure, the Broncos and Manning were the best team in the NFL last year, but had a bad game early in the playoffs and exited ignominiously. This year they are similarly on fire, and is suspect have the best chance of winning through the playoffs. Of course, luck is always a factor.

Personally, Peyton is having one of the best years of his career. He has always been a great QB with wide receivers who are "good" that he elevates to "great". This year is a bit different, this year he has some receivers who start out "great" who are now elevating him to "historic".

Peyton Manning is on track to hatter just about every single season QB record this year, and while I believe that records and numbers are not everything, they mean a heck of a lot, because there is a lot of luck and teamwork involved in wins and loses. One man cannot shoulder all of that himself, even if that man is Manning.

Anyway, I hope you are also a Manning, and perhaps a Bronco's fan. This page is dedicated to some of the great Peyton Manning pictures and posters you can get. Hopefully a great resource for fans of this Bronco's superstar.

Peyton Manning Black and White Color Brocos Picture
Peyton Manning Black and White Color Brocos Picture

My favorite Peyton Manning Picture

This is one of my personal favorite Peyton Manning pictures. I think the color of the Bronco's uniform really pops in relationship to the colorless black and white background.

I also like the look of determination on Peyton's face. He always gives 110%, and this picture shows him almost willing the ball to be perfectly thrown and a completion.

This is a nice large and officially licensed photo from the NFL and the Bronco's organization. It would look great on any fan's wall, or in any sort of "mancave".

The many faces of Peyton Manning

Manning Pics
Manning Pics

Here are a few more really good Manning pictures. If you have a favorite, you can follow the link below and find them all on amazon, in poster, photo and picture format. In fact, there are a total of 2000 of these Manning pics you can find. Still not as many as touchdowns he is likely to get by the end of his career, the way he is going.

My favorite Peyton pic from this group is his frowning, "upset" look. I love the way he gets millions of dollars but can never seem to find a helmet that actually fits (notice big red mark on forehead). He (and his brother) are both awesome guys, but boy can they do the 'dopey look' thing.

==>>See Manning Pictures

Manning Poster
Manning Poster

The Best Peyton Manning Poster

If you are either a Bronco's or a Manning fan, this poster is sure to be a hit.

Poster was released last year, but it is still one of the best posterized collections featuring Manning. It shows many of his best pics on a nice large glossy poster collection.

This is a fully licensed poster with an NFL hologram license. SO this poster not only looks great, but it is highly collectible

More Pictures and Posters of the Bronco's Superstar QB

More Bronco's players Pictures

Peyton certainly cannot win all the games by himself. It takes a team to do that, and the Broncos have quite a good one, lets take a look at some of the more popular players.

Specifically, the three recievers who are co-responsible with Manning for his incredible offensive year, Wes Welker, Julius Thomas and Eric Decker. Quite a trio of receivers by any measure!

Will 2013 be the year for another Bronco's Superbowl?

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Is Peyton Manning the best QB of all time?

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Let me know what YOU think - Share your thoughts in the comments below

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    • profile image

      AllianceTickets 3 years ago

      He is definitely in the top 5 all time quarterbacks. He has broke almost every record so far. Might have helped him out if the Superbowl went a little bit better this year

    • QuizSquid profile image

      QuizSquid 3 years ago

      I'm not convinced he's the best ever Bronco QB or the best ever Colt QB. But he could be behind Elway and Unitas and still make the top ten all time.

    • profile image

      cere1964 4 years ago

      I don't believe Peyton to be the greatest of all-time. However, he does rank in the top-ten...maybe even the top five. While the NFL doesn't recognize the AAFC records, I have to say that Otto Graham was the greatest of all-time. Played in the league ten years, ten times he guided his team to the championship games. Topped AAFC passers four years, NFL two years - out of ten years. No other quarterback, ever, guided his team to ten straight championships, winning seven. Extremely impressive by any measure. This was accomplished during the time the NFL/AAFC had ALL teams loaded with Hall Of Famers, and very few rules to protect the quarterback.