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Pick a Great Running Shoe

Updated on March 3, 2011

Running Shoe

Nike Lunar Glide Running Shoe
Nike Lunar Glide Running Shoe

Time To Buy Running Shoes

It's time to pick a great running shoes when springtime comes and people finally start to get out again. The sun comes out. The weather gets warmer. Getting out and walking or better yet, running makes people feel great. The goal is usually to get some exercise and for that we all need a good running shoe or a good walking shoe. I did a little research and researched some of the best running shoes to buy. The results came back and a Nike shoe, a Saucony Shoe and a Brooks Adrenaline shoe came back as the top picks.

When its time to buy running shoes check out these three:

Top Running Shoe Reviews

The top running shoes according to a consumer search are:

Nike Lunar Glide

The Nike LunarGlide+ is recommended most. It is lightweight and provides stability when you need it. The soft cushioning is what many people who purchase this shoe enjoy. Runners like the shoe for different things including running on roads, trails or speed running. Some think there is a little too much room in the shoe near the toes. A few don't like the look of the shoe. Runners with low arches may need more support. Zappos carries the shoe and it sells for around $90

Brooks Adrenaline GS 10

This pair of shoes is designed for those with normal arches It is also great for those whose feet turn in a little bit when they run called over pronating. Much stability and cushioning makes the shoe not too soft and not too firm. Mesh helps keep feet cool. The shoe is somewhat narrow so may not be good for those that have very wide feet. A more lightweight shoe and one with less stability is the Nike Lunar Glide +

Saucony Pro Grid Stabil CS

The Saucony ProGrid Stabil CS is great for heavy runners and those who need a sturdy shoe. It's also great for those whose feet roll inward (overpronate). Greatly improved from previous running shoes. It's a heavier shoe due to the extra cushioning -- the men's version is nearly 14 ounces, while the women's version is almost 12 ounces. Cost is around $110

So now that spring is almost here and pick a great running shoe and go get some fresh air and exercise.


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