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Pike Fishing Tackle Choice

Updated on December 20, 2013

Why Fish For Pike

In northern climates pike are one of the main predators and grow to a relatively large size. Anybody interested in fishing for these streamlined fish will be hoping for at least a 20 pound fish and preferably bigger. Specialists regularly target 30 to 40 pounders and the ultimate goal would by 50 pounds!

These fish take a long time to grow to these sizes, and attempting to catch them with light gear will lead to breakages, hooks and line left trailing from their mouths. This must be prevented, and using suitable strong fishing tackle is imperative.

Strong tackle does not mean that you give up the enjoyment of the fight, which is still heart stopping when the fish takes and doggedly tries to escape. It is just that sensible choice of gear will protect the fish more and lead to more satisfaction when you are able to release the fish unharmed after landing it safely.

Ready To Put Back Safely

How It All Started For Me

Looking back over my life at the hobbies that I have enjoyed I see that angling has been one of the main interests that I have pursued. I remember my parents buying me a fishing kit when I was four years old and going fishing in the River Tyne in East Lothian Scotland using a bent pin on the end of what I recall was pretty much like string for line.

A neighbor used to take me once or twice when I was six, though I generally ended up watching him. I remember one day he caught a handful of small brown trout that my mother cooked for us both when we returned from our outing. I can only remember that they tasted like mud! Another time I remember him catch a roach. For some reason this was immediately dispatched as vermin and dutifully buried beneath a rose bush in our garden (an old wives tale I believe!).

It was not until my father moved us out to Bahrain that I caught a fish. As a 12 year old, together with my 8 year old brother we would fish all day at the end of the jetty at the local beach, catching tiddlers on bits of bread at the end of a hand line.

Serious fishing started much later in life - as a pass time when I was at University. Since then I have been interested - on and off - between other hobbies such as scuba diving and managing a family. Today, I have not been fishing for a number of years and am ready to dust off the rod and reel and chase some of those winter pike that grace the angling magazines covers at this time of year.

But what fishing tackle am I going to use. Is my old stuff still suitable or have the bindings disintegrated or the reel rusted up? After putting away my diving equipment after the last sea dive of the year I turned to the dusty pile of tackle that sits in the corner of my garage. After half an hour with a cloth I was surprised to find that I have a serviceable 12 foot twin tip carp rod that will work well as a light dead bait casting rod. It is matched with a Shimano bait runner that will take plenty of line - but I think I will remove the existing old 15lb nylon mono and replace it with some braid.

My giant specimen landing net and unhooking mat are in good condition and astonishingly my Fox bait alarm is still beeping!

So my plan is to completely refresh my bits and pieces tackle box - make up new traces with wire and trebles and generally have some fun browsing the tackle shops to fill a new Fox box, mainly with stuff that you never use but look good!

Oh, and I think I will look for a decent chair. The last one I used to use was a folding three legged stool that was easy to fall off. A nice comfy armchair (folding and lightweight of course) will fit the bill.

Where To Fish For 20 Pound Plus Pike?

I have had great success fishing the Pocklington Canal for pike. The map below shows it as the Beck. I prefer to fish near to where the Beck joins the River Derwent. Here there is a lock on the canal and the still water is a favorite haunt for quite a number of pike.

Dead baits work the best and I have had best results in March when it is still very cold and the weeds have all died back and not started growing again. I usually aim to arrive at the venue at dawn, just enough light to tackle up safely! Three or four hours will do me and I am ready for a hot breakfast back home.

Pocklington Canal (the Beck)

A markereast cottingwith -
East Cottingwith, East Riding of Yorkshire YO42, UK
get directions

I use size 6 or 8 trebles to make up my pike fishing traces - will probably now be using barbless ones.
I use size 6 or 8 trebles to make up my pike fishing traces - will probably now be using barbless ones.

How To Make Some Money To Fund Your Fishing

Fishing is one of those sports where it can be as cheap or expensive as you want. My own approach to these hobbies is to look at what I want to do rather than just keep on buying loads of equipment that eventually gathers dust in the garage.

OK I will admit that this time I had plenty of my old pike fishing gear in the garage that I have dusted off. I could not bear to part with it when I retired it some years ago. However, I do need to buy some new replacement bits and pieces and for these I will sell some old sea fishing tackle on Ebay along with some specialist scuba gear that I am not using anymore.

In this way I can avoid the clutter and waste, and still have fun buying shiney new tackle!


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    • Mark Jenner profile image

      Mark Jenner 8 years ago

      Thanks Chloe, I am afraid my daughter still wears me out and she is 19!

    • ChloeAliceWilson profile image

      ChloeAliceWilson 8 years ago from Spain

      Good luck with getting back to fishing. I could do with a relaxing pastime like this for my 8 year old who just jumps about the house all day doing his karate. It wears me out just looking at him!