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Pink Bowling Gear

Updated on October 22, 2014

Bowling Pretty In Pink

I'm not going to pretend my pink bowling gear makes me the best bowler in the league (although I did bowl my highest game ever, a 196, while using my pink bowling gear. Coincidence? I'll let you decide.).

But it has improved my game quite a bit. I never realized what a difference comfortable shoes and a good ball would make. It's like, now that I don't have to worry about my shoes making me slide over the foul line and now that I don't have to think about the fact that my fingers don't really fit the holes in the house ball, now I can fully concentrate on my technique.

Plus I love that all of my bowling equipment reflects my personality.

Why Buy Your Own Bowling Equipment?

If you're a league bowler or even if you just bowl a couple times a month, you should definitely own your own gear. It's not expensive (I spent less than $150) and after all is said and done, you'll save both time and money, while also improving your game.

It actually costs less to buy a pair of shoes than it does to rent them throughout the fall league season. And instead of standing in line to get your shoes, you can be down on the lanes getting in some extra practice. Plus, do you realize how many people have wore those rental bowling shoes? Probably thousands. Yuck!

Owning your own ball will save you from searching through the house balls for one that kind of fits your fingers. Plus it'll improve your game. How? Well, your own ball will be your ideal weight and it'll be drilled to fit your hand exactly. Plus, it won't have the scratched, pits and gouges like the house balls and that means a smoother, more consistent ride down the lanes. My average has raised 30 pins since I started using my own gear.

My Pink Bowling Gear

Pink Bowling Shoes

I never realized how much my choice of shoes could affect my game until I wore these. The rental shoes were uncomfortable. They bit into my ankles and I was forever adjusting the tongue to stay in the middle. Plus, they were so slippery, I slid over the foul line 3 times! More than once, I was focused on my shoes instead of the pins. But not with these. These have padded uppers that hug my ankles instead of biting them. The padded tongue is able to be laced so it stays in the middle, where it belongs. And while they allow for a little slide, they aren't slippery. Plus, they're just plain comfortable to wear. Now the only time I think about my shoes while bowling is when I put them on and when I take them off. No more shoe distractions!

BSI Women's #651 Bowling Shoes
BSI Women's #651 Bowling Shoes

I chose this pair of bowling shoes for many reasons. I was looking for a good trusted name brand but not one that came with a high price tag. I liked the retro look and of course, the color. And I especially liked the high rating on Amazon. Thanks to the many reviewers, I knew to order a size 9 instead of my normal 10 (and they fit perfect!)

As you can see, I replaced the factory white shoe laces with my favorite curly laces for easy on and offs.
As you can see, I replaced the factory white shoe laces with my favorite curly laces for easy on and offs.

Pink Bowling Ball

Choosing a ball is more complicated than people think, especially if you're buying online.

  • You'll need to figure out your ideal ball weight. Your ideal weight should be heavy enough that you aren't able to lob it down the lane, but light enough that you can throw it comfortably. My advice is to visit your local bowling alley and try out balls in every weight from 9 to 16 pounds.
  • You'll need to figure out what material your ball should be made of.
    • A plastic ball is good for beginners and those who throw the ball straight down the lane. It's also good for those who are just looking for a cheap ball to call their own.
    • A urethane ball is good for those who throw a gradual hook. If you'd like to learn how to hook, a urethane ball will be the easiest to learn on.
    • A reactive resin ball is good for those who throw a backend hook (where the ball rolls straight down the lane until it swerves sharply at the very end).
    • A particle ball is good for experienced bowlers who know how to calculate their balls path according to the oil pattern on the lanes.
  • You'll want to choose a design that fits your personality and your price range. I chose pink because I'm just a pink type of person. And although there were other designs I liked a bit more, this pink design was affordable.

If you buy a ball online, it will come undrilled. So just take it to your local bowling alley and most of the time, they'll be able to custom drill it to fit your hand.

Columbia 300 White Dot Bowling Ball, Pink/Black, 9
Columbia 300 White Dot Bowling Ball, Pink/Black, 9

This plastic ball has done wonders for my game. Unless I mess up my release, the ball usually ends up right where I'm aiming. I've used it on both dry and oily lanes and although it does good on both, it seems to do better on the oily lanes. Since I switched from house balls to this ball, my average went up 30 pins.


Pink Bowling Bag

If you're buying your own ball, then a ball bag is a necessity. Not only will it be easier to carry your bowling ball, but it will also keep it clean and safe. I chose my bag because it was pink, affordable and it carries all my bowling gear. I'm planning on getting another ball in the future so I'm going to have to get a double ball bag then. But for now, this is perfect.

When looking for your own bag, try to find one that fits your needs while also protecting your equipment. It should have a ball cup in the bottom. This will keep your ball from rolling around and make it easier to carry your bag. If you get a double ball bag, getting one with a padded divider will ensure your balls don't clank into each other. A separate shoe compartment will ensure any dirt on your shoes won't get on the ball and any oil on your ball won't get on your shoes. And most important, make sure it has a decently padded strap. Otherwise, the strap will dig into your shoulder while you carry it.

BSI Deluxe Single Ball Tote Bag (Black/Pink)
BSI Deluxe Single Ball Tote Bag (Black/Pink)

This affordable bag has everything I was looking for. The foam ball cup holds my ball securely in place and it has a separate shoe compartment. I also like the front pocket. It has little dividers to hold my bowling membership card and my bowling fees. Plus it's big enough to hold the bag of jerky and the candy bars I always crave while bowling. This bag comes in many other colors.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The front pocket holds my member card, bowling fees and a file to fix the thumbnail that breaks every other game.The ball cup secures my ball and I love that my shoes are in an entirely separate compartment.
The front pocket holds my member card, bowling fees and a file to fix the thumbnail that breaks every other game.
The front pocket holds my member card, bowling fees and a file to fix the thumbnail that breaks every other game.
The ball cup secures my ball and I love that my shoes are in an entirely separate compartment.
The ball cup secures my ball and I love that my shoes are in an entirely separate compartment.

Pink Bowling Shoe Covers

If you ever want to see a bunch of league bowlers freak out, wear your street shoes on the lanes. And if you want to see how fast they can run, spill your drink. Actually, don't. Bowling shoes are special. They need to stay completely dry and completely clean. That's because sliding and braking are important aspects of bowling. Even the smallest drop of water can make a huge impact on your slide. If you're buying your own shoes, protect your investment with a pair of bowling shoe covers.

Brunswick Blitz Hearts All Over Shoe Cover
Brunswick Blitz Hearts All Over Shoe Cover

Getting these bowling shoe covers has saved me tons of time. Before them, I had to take my shoes off every time I went to the bathroom or to get a drink. After a lot of searching, I found these were the best value (for pink covers). They're durable and inexpensive. And unlike many other covers, they come in a pair (most others are sold separately).


© 2013 Othercatt

What's your bowling style?

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    • Erin Mellor profile image

      Erin Mellor 

      4 years ago from Europe

      I'm not good at bowling, but I enjoy it. I am put off a bit by the shoe situation, having your own shoes does seem to be the way forward.

    • Othercatt profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @Virginia Allain: My experiences were the same. It seems every house ball had that one finger hole that was too tight and when I'd release my ball, you could hear a loud pop as my finger popped out of the hole.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      4 years ago from Central Florida

      I used to enjoy bowling in a league. Having your own gear is super-important. A few times I tried bowling with a house ball when I was somewhere without my own. Horrible experience. Couldn't find the right weight ball with the right finger hole placement. Rubbed a blister plus had a dismal game with way too many gutter balls.


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