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Plastic Fly Boxes

Updated on March 25, 2013

Plastic Waterproof Fly Box

When choosing a fly box you should keep some things in mind. For starters you will probably drop your fly box in the water at some point so having a waterproof fly box is a must for most fly fishermen. You do not need one if you plan on shore fishing but its best to get a water protected box at first so you do not need to upgrade later. I will talk about the pros and cons of a waterproof fly box.

Let me begin by saying I went fly fishing recently and dropped my fly box in the water. After realizing what I did I had to dump all my water out of the box. Once my flies got wet they were not as good of performers in the water. I then packed it in and went home for the day.

About a week later i went to go use those same flies only to find them all rusted out because they sat in water. Moral of the story is, if I would have had my waterproof plastic fly box with me I would never ran into that problem in the first place.

Don't let this happen to you. Take care of your equipment now and get a waterproof fly box. Even if it is a small box you can still take what you need out on the water and not run into problems next time you go out fishing.

Do You Currently Use a Fly Box?

Do You Currently Use a Fly Box?

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When To Use Plastic Waterproof Boxes

If you are wondering when should you use a water proof fly box? I will tell you. Nothing spoils a day of fly fishing more than when you go to get a new fly and they are all soaked and the hooks are rusty because water got in the box. Has this happened to you? If so then you need a water proof box to put your flies in. These will not only help keep them dry when you are fishing it will also prevent water from getting into your fly box and ruining your expensive flies by making them rusty.

The Pros For Using a Waterproof Fly Box

Using a waterproof fly box has its benefits. For starters your flies will be dry so that means better action, dry flies will float better, etc. If you use one of these boxes you will also be safe knowing if you accidentally drop the box in the water it will float to the top so you will not lose any flies. These are key to the success of a great day of fly fishing.

Uses For Plastic Fly Boxes

Here is a small video explaining the benefits to using a waterproof fly box.

using a fly box
using a fly box

Cons To Using a Water Proof Fly Box

Using a water proof fly box can have many benefits, sometimes however, there are cons to a water proof box. The main problem is they are harder to open.

If you are doing some shore fishing you do not need a water proof fly box. If you are in a tournament you may want the fastest access to your flies. Having to get the box open could be a chore sometimes so keep that in mind when you buy one.

White Plastic Waterproof Fly Box

Was This Lens Helpful?

Was This Lens Helpful?

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Do You Use a Waterproof Fly Box?

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