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Player On The Rise/Decline For Each Position

Updated on August 21, 2016

See what players will rise and which will fall in 2016


Rise-Philip Rivers-Philip Rivers finished the season as the 10th best performing quarterback in 2015. He did that without Keenan Allen for the last 6 weeks, and Antonio Gates only playing 11 games. Now with the addition of Travis Benjamin and Melvin Gordon having a year of experience under his belt, expect Rivers to be in the top 5 in the 2016 season.

Decline-Tom Brady-Although the Patriots still have an amazing team with a great receiving core, he will be out for the 1st 4 games of the season. He finished 2nd last year right behind Cam Newton who had a great season with 10 rushing touchdowns. The remaining 12 games from Brady will still be impressive, but missing 4 games will hurt his season stats.

Running Back

Rise-Eddie Lacy-After having his worst and fattest season, Eddie Lacy lost quite a bit of weight and is back in football shape. Aaron Rodgers had his worst QB rating of his career as a starter, so with Lacy being more lean, he can help Aaron in times of struggle. Packers have always had a great offensive line, and it’s the same lineup as last year. After finishing 24th in fantasy points as a running back last year, he should bounce back and finish in the top 10-15 in 2016.

Decline-Devonta Freeman-He managed to haul in 73 catches last year for 578 yards which was 2nd behind Danny Woodhead for most catches and yards for a running back. He was also tied for the league lead with 11 rushing touchdowns and averaged about 6 first downs a game. He led all running backs in points, and since he had such a hot season in 2015, expect defenses to keep an eye on him coming out of the backfield. After his amazing season, he has nowhere to go but down.

Wide Receiver

Rise-T.Y. Hilton-Only having Andrew Luck for 7 games did not help T.Y. Hilton this year. But having a healthy QB will help him take his game to the next level. He had a decent year with over 1,000 yards with a touchdown every 3 games. If T.Y. and Luck want this team to succeed and beat some improving teams in thie AFC South, he will need to connect with Luck on 90+ passes. Outside of big receivers like Brown, Dez Or Beckham, there is a cluster of talented receivers in the league. Hilton has such high potential after another good but not great season.

Decline-Allen Robinson-Robinson had an impressive 3rd season with the Jagaurs, but his problem is this team is about to get better. With the addition of Chris Ivory and an improved defense, this team will no longer have to play from behind for garbage points. He had 2 monster games with 150+ yards and 2+ touchdowns with one of them coming in week 13 which is a time in fantasy where the last playoff spot is up for grabs. Bortles and Robinson will be a great combo for the foreseeable future, but Robinson will drop out of the top 3 but still remain a top 10 receiver.


Rise-Colby Fleener-Although he did have a career high 54 catches with the Colts, he only managed 3 touchdowns on less then 500 yards. He will see a lot of targets with Drew Brees in New Orleans which will result in more catches. He is 6’ 6” and is a huge target for Brees who can hardly see over the line of scrimmage. Being the 20th tight end in 2015, you can expect a top 10 finish and possibly top 5 depending on how successful the Saints will be.

Decline-Gary Barnidge-After having a break out season in 2015 with 9 touchdowns and 1043 receiver yards, Gary Barnidge better hope RGIII or the next Quarterback on the depth chart will look his way. Barnidge, who was on no ones radar last season and had a great year, will grab a lot less then his 79 receptions last year. RGIII may turn his career around with the Browns, but he has always thrived off the deep routes and may look to his outside receivers more often. He is still considered a top 10 Tight End, but he will drop out of his #3 spot from 2015.


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