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Pogo Sticks for Adults for Fun and Fitness

Updated on November 1, 2014

Jump Your Way to Weight Loss

Check out pogo sticks for adults, whether you want to break a world record, just get in shape, or have acrobatic fun. Find pogo sticks suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skill levels.

These aren't the childhood pogo sticks you remember. We're talking about high-performance pogo sticks that are more like a personal trampoline. They give you a smooth ride with a quiet bounce, and make a great workout.

They make a great gift for Dads, teens, brothers, and men (and women) of all ages who are young at heart.

Check out pogo sticks for fitness or just plain fun.

Below you'll find pogo tutorials, cool tricks to try, and reviews of the best pogo sticks for adults.

Flybar 800 Review: Extreme Pogo Stick for Adults

Instead of a steel spring, the Flybar 800 has a system of individually adjustable thrusters, which are giant rubber rods that stretch and release with each jump.

You adjust the number of thrusters to control your bounce force The piston height is adjustable to accommodate riders of different heights, and it's the mechanism for controlling bounce height. (Beginners should set the piston shorter for more control.)

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This product was the result of a collaboration between pro skateboarder Andy Macdonald who wanted next-generation pogo stick to match his athletic sensibilities, and SBI Enterprises, and the world's oldest and largest and oldest pogo stick manufacturer.

This model, the Flybar 800, gives jumpers a maximum bounce height of over 4 feet. It comes completely assembled.

Who's this for? Ages 12 and older, 80 to 180 pounds, intermediate and extreme pogo jumpers

Flybar 1505 Review: Beginner Pogo Stick for Adults

The Flybar 1505 is a compression spring pogo stick for adults. (It uses a steel spring like traditional kind). Jumpers can reach an impressive height of 3 feet. It offers a fantastic workout when used 3-4 times a week.

Who's this for? Ages 14 and up, beginners, and "husky" pogo-ers from 120-220 lbs.

Read how former child pogo junkies and men and women of all ages and walks of life are using pogo sticks for fun and exercise >>

Using Your Pogo Stick for Fitness

You can use your pogo stick indoors or outside for a super fun workout routine that'll feel more like play than exercise. Pogo sticking gives you a total body workout: You strengthen your core as you work to maintain your balance on the stick, your arms get a workout from stabilizing the pogo stick, your legs and glutes get a workout from your controlled jumps and you'll burn calories just by jumping in place or by using your body weight to shift direction. You'll also build up strength and endurance.

Pogo sticking also has similar health benefits to trampolining -- another type of rebound exercise. The g-force (the acceleration related to free-falling) helps increase bone density, improves joints and circulation, and stimulates the lymphatic system. A NASA study found that rebound exercise (jumping) provides better oxygen intake, expends less energy, and is easier on the heart , knees, ankles and legs than running on a treadmill.

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Accessories You'll Need

Protect yourself while you pogo. Knee pads will not only protect your knees if you fall, but they'll also save your knees from bruising during extended pogo sticking.

Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, & Wrist Guards

Pogo Counter

Track your personal best with a counter.
Track your personal best with a counter.

Extreme Pogo Stick Tricks

Watch some extreme pogo stick tricks from Pogopalooza, the world championship of stunt pogo. Try this at home...if you dare.

For extreme pogo sticking, head outside to a dry, stable, even surface with plenty of head clearance above. (The point is to catch air, after all.) Wear protective gear, and have a blast feeling like a kid again.

Pogo Stick World Records

Ashrita Furman, the guy with the record for the most Guinness World Records, holds several pogo stick records:

* Longest continuous distance on a pogo stick: 23.11 miles

* Fastest mile on a pogo stick: 12 minutes and 16 seconds

* Fastest time pogo sticking up the CN Tower in Toronto: 1899 steps in 57 minutes and 51 seconds

* Most pogo stick jumps in a minute: 238

* Longest distance in underwater pogostick jumping (yeah, I don't know why either): 1680 feet

* Fastest mile juggling on a pogo stick (What?): 23 minutes and 28 seconds

* Greatest distance juggling while on a pogo stick: 4 miles, 30 feet

* Most jumps in one minute jumping rope while bouncing on a pogo stick: 178

In 2007, James Roumeliotis broke the world record for most consecutive bounces on a pogo stick and earned $10,000 for charity. Watch the time-lapsed video of his feat.

Record holder Ashrita Furman pogo jumped up Mount Fiji.

Where will YOUR pogo stick take you?

Who Invented the Pogo Stick? A Farmer in Burma?

A Few Facts from Wikipedia

The two handle pogo stick design was patented by George B. Hansburg, in 1957. Hansburg described the origins of the Pogo name colloquially in a story of a young Burmese girl [named Pogo] whose father had created a crude version of the device so that the daughter [who didn't have any shoes] could travel to the local temple for prayers.

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