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Best Portable Seat Cushion For Each Occasion

Updated on April 4, 2013

The Key To Finding The Right One

If you have ever had back issues or trouble sitting for more then a few minutes you know how much relieve a seat cushion can be. A portable seat cushion can great relieve when you need it most where ever you are.

I really wish I did not know, but a few years ago I slipped on the ice in a parking lot with my a small child in my hand. I ended up shattering my tale bone. I know many has had a laugh over it, but there just is not much you can do but let it heal and avoid sitting down when no support is available. This may sound easy with those that have not experienced it but even attending a sporting event, going canoeing, or even visiting a doctor can lead to having a very uncomfortable and painful experience.

I have learned that the best portable seat cushions will give the support you need when you need it and will not be a bother to carry around.

Image Credit Amazon:Onivia Portable Seat Cushion

Portable Car Seat Cushions

Best Memory Foam Car Seat Cushion - Makes drive more comfortable.

This portable memory foam car seat cushion is full sized and easy to fold up and take with you. The full size allows for support of the full body not just one or the other. I like full support in the car because my car's seats just does not seam to give any support. But I do not like to have one that takes more then a second to connect and disconnect because I hate to drive. I want to be able to put it in the passenger side quick and easy when I have a willing driver. Plus if I am going on a long drive with someone else it is nice to be able to be comfortable on the ride there and back.

If you change cars or side of the car a lot you will not have to worry about a long procedure. The cushion holds in place with a few elastic bans. It is made of high quality memory foam that is build to last and can easily be wiped clean.

Easy To Carry Portable Seat Cushions

As one with kids, I just do not like carring yet another thing around with me. And sometimes I just do not have enough room in my hands, having a portable seat cushion in my purse or one that I can put in there sporting bag would be handy.

Wondergel Roll & Go Gel

WonderGel Roll-n-Go Seat Cushion
WonderGel Roll-n-Go Seat Cushion

* Unbelievable comfort - superior cushioning than any other material including memory foam

* Uses unique patented "column buckling" cushioning principle

* Portable and durable (13" x 15"x 1") Remarkable comfort from 1" of Intelli-gel.

* Will not take a compression set (keeps its shape) and remains supportive long term

* Stays comfortable over long periods of sitting even on hard surfaces


Best For Office Chairs - Find A Cushion That Will Prevent Pain While Working At The Computer

They make some very awesome office chairs but sadly many offices have cookie cutter chairs that just don't make the cut. In my office we have end up in many offices and sit in many different chairs in a day or long period of time.

It would be very unrealistic for me to move my chair to where ever I need to go. Having a portable office cushion helps me from be in pain while working.

Portable Heated Seat Cushions

I have to admit I sometimes use a heated seat cushion when I do not need a cushion just so I feel warm. I hate getting cold and portable heated seat cushions are great. My favorite is the seat cushions you can charge then take it anywhere needed.

For Sport Events

My kids are avid baseball and football players. In the summer and fall I am in a stadium every weekend and many times throughout the week. The metal seats with no back will make anyone uncomfortable. A good easy to carry portable seat cushion for the stadium is a must have for any sports mom.

What Do You Look For In A Portable Seat Cushion? - Go Ahead And Share Your Opinion!

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