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Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard-Is it Right for You?

Updated on April 16, 2012

If you are in the market for a new skateboard, or are the parent of an avid skateboarder but do not know what to get, this review may help you. There are many skateboards on the market today. If your pre-teen or teen hasn't told you what kind of skateboard would be a cool ride, it is up to you to figure things out on your own. If you are the teen looking for something new or to get started and could use some help, read on for the specifics of this product.

This is an affordable choice. Not everyone has the big bucks to fork out for a skateboard, especially if you know you are going to be needing to replace the wheels or the truck at any time. When you look for a skateboard, you need to have some specifics in mind. Do you plan to learn all of the cool new tricks out there or are you just looking for a quick way to scoot across town and through your college campus?

You will want to make sure you find a skateboard that has high-rebound wheels that can take a great roll and provide the right grip. This board is light weight, sturdy and provides no problems for those who are just learning to do tricks or some of the more seasoned pros.

Some people find that the cheap $20 boards wear through the wheels and snap the boards or trucks too easily if they try to go to a skateboard park for high jumps and tricks. While this skateboard is manufactured in Asia, it has passed through a rigorous quality control process. The trucks are cast aluminum with the Powell Golden Dragon logo embossed on the hanger. The axles are made with carbon steel as well as the kingpin.

For smooth easy turning, the bushings are made with high rebound polyurethane. Powell boasts the deck as being one of the best produced in Asia and stand by their product 100% with confidence and pride.Professional skateboarder Steve Caballero is proud to endorse his name with this product due to the excellent craftsmanship and durability and thinks these are the perfect board for beginners.

For more information, to read customer reviews or to order, just click on the link below:
Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard


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