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Updated on October 17, 2012

Powerbocking (Extreme Sports) Intro

What is Powerbocking? (other say jumping stilts, sky jumper, sky runner 0r fly jumper), this extreme sports is jumping and running with elastic-like spring-loaded stilts. It's the hottest new technology today that enables the user to run faster and jump higher. This extreme sport now become very popular in the world specially after the acrobatic performance in the closing ceremony of the 2008 Olympic games. To do acrobatic move, you will need a lot of training.

Here some guide for a beginner to start powerbocking:

Powerbocking on Olympic Games 2008 Beijing

powerbock prepare
powerbock prepare


Before you practice make sure that you already got the equipment. There's a lot of Jumping Stilts equipment we can buy in the market, such as Powerstrider, Powerisers, Powerizers, Pro-Jump, Powerskips and Air-Trekkers. Choose that suitable for you.


Step 1: Make sure all protective equipment worn like a helmet, elbow protectors, knee protectors and wrist protectors.

Step 2: Make sure all stilts jumping rope tight and secure.

Step 3: Make sure you are in good shape (no pain).

Step 4: Doing warm-up exercise

Try to do in the flat ground or in the grass (but not wet), or street where safe to do it. Please don't play in the narrow and slope place, you may be fall down or hurt the others. And don't it in the place of obstacle.

How to Use Jumping Stilts

How to Use stand
How to Use stand

1. A beginner should use the bench to do the installation tool.

2. Seat belts (Strap / Binding) both legs must be tied tightly.

3. Try to stand up against the wall or with the help of friends.

4. Use your friends or wall to slowly walk along

5. Do not try to run or jump when you're a beginner

How to get on

How To Get Up After the Falling

How To Stand After the Fall
How To Stand After the Fall

Typically, a beginner can not stand without assistance after falling walls or friends. If you are more confident and sure you can stand without assistance .. kneel on one leg and stand up to put weight on the other foot

How to get up after falling

Try To Walk

how To Walk
how To Walk

Consist of three steps:

a. Static walk-> doing this by lift your knees as high as possible .. the higher the knee lifted sooner we practice balance and increase the power of the thighs

b. Walking -> same as the static walk, but you have to move your locations ... for example from location A to location B .. will be easier when you've mastered the static walk correctly

c. Walking while bouncing this applies to you who are able to walk properly

Time to run

how to run
how to run

Run is a continuation of walking but given a bit of speed .. when you get used to always run lean your body forward .. in order to prevent fell backward ..

a. regular run -> like we do run regular ..

b. bounce run -> running tap along with the reflection .. we put pressure on spring

How to run

Let's Jump

how to jump
how to jump

Jumping done after we have mastered walking and running

a. Ordinary jump-> jumping is doing same as we do skipping .. tips: make it a habit synchronized right and left leg . Don't let one side stronger than other side .

b. Push jump-> make the leap with an emphasis on the spring-> effect produced depends on the load you put on the push process .. as well as your ability to make the leap ..

c. jump with the tempo-> usually do when you've mastered the push jump. The function is in order to jump over obstacles or obstakel that's ahead of you .

What's on your mind

Which one do you think is better?



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Pogo Stick

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After a lot of practices, i'm sure you can mastering jumping stilts. And with professional assist you can do acrobatic move.

Doing powerbock is not just fun, but you also get this benefits:

1. Improve cardiac function and lung

2. Burn fat and calories

3. Build your stomach and leg muscles

4. Improve balance and agility (agility)

5. Increase endurance and stamina

Happy Practices

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