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Powertec Power Rack for Safer Squats and Bench Press

Updated on August 12, 2015

Why I recommend a power rack for squats and bench pressing is quite simple. Safety. Let me tell you a story.

A few years ago I started weightlifting, in conjunction with dieting. I was attempting to maintain muscle mass while losing weight. Two really great compound exercises are the bench press and the squat.

One day I was bench pressing. Like now, bench pressing is my weakest lift by far. I was slowly building up weight and reps to try to get a really good workout. At about 135 lbs and 10 reps, I got pinned (I told you I was weak!). I couldn't get out from under the bar. I tried resting and pressing again, to no avail. I finally called my wife and (at the time) 9 year old to help me. Each one lifted a side, but my 9 year old was weaker and didn't lift as quickly. The weight began to slide down the bar towards his young hands. Luckily, he kept his hands in place and prevented the weight from crashing towards the ground. This was a big 50 lb weight and surely would have broken his foot.

It was that day that I decided it was an unacceptable risk to bench without a good spotter or a power rack. I never wanted to put my son in danger like that again.

Now, this Powertec rack is really cool. It has a really great pull up station at the front. As you can see, the pull up station is bent so you can do wide grip pull ups a little more comfortably. Most power racks have a straight bar which isn't the greatest for pull ups.

Add to that, you have a section where you can attach a cable system. There are upper and lower pulley attachments, which mean you can get some rows going, but especially a lat pull-down, which can be a little more difficult to train without a lat machine.

Universal UB300 Adjustable Bench
Universal UB300 Adjustable Bench

For bench pressing in your new power cage.



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    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 4 years ago

      Yeah, you can never be too wary around weights and equipment like this - accidents happen all too often. This definitely looks safer for squats and bench pressing.