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Primos Blinds Versus Ameristep Blinds

Updated on February 10, 2012

Are you planning a big hunting trip this fall or maybe needing a new blind for turkey hunting in the spring.

Primos blinds and Ameristep blinds are both very well constructed blinds but choosing a new hunting blind sometimes isn't as easy as one may think. There are a lot of factors that come in to play when deciding which blind would best suit your hunting needs. Comfort, concealment, size and weght all come in to play when making that final decision. A hunting blind, no matter how well made, expensive or durable it may be, can turn a hunt of a lifetime into misery if it doesn't meet all your needs. I am here to lay out the facts on Primos and Ameristep blinds, two of the most popular hunting blinds on the market and you can decide which ones will fit your hunting needs best.


Ameristep Outhouse

Highest level of concealment

Pros The Ameristep Outhouse blind has the highest level of consealment a blind can offer. It is only 5' 8'' wide at the base and tapers quickly. This is the perfect blind for hunting just inside a cornfield or maybe clear a small spot out of a brush pile and tuck it back in. A few sticks placed around th outside and you are virtualy invisible.

At 9 pounds it packs into a 27" diameter x 2'' thick backpack and is easily toted far back off the beaten path. Pops up and takes down easily.

You can buy this blind for around $50 at Cabelas

Cons It is small. It is almost impossible to get off a shot with a bow. Its even hard with a crossbow. This is a gun only blind.

You can't turn around in it very well without making noise and bumping the sides with your equipment, especially for a big guy. If you have more than two sides to watch or you plan on taking your child or a buddy hunting, forget it.

Rating This blind rated 4.6 out of 5 Stars

Ameristep Doghouse Blind

The Ameristep Doghouse Blind is a very popular bind with Durashell water-resistant nylon shell. It has Three windows with shoot through mesh. 60'' wide base and 66'' tall in the center.

Pros Pops up easy and takes down easy. You can easily take it down , fold it up into a circle and put it in it's back pack in the dark once you get used to it.

It's roomy enough to use a bow or crossbow.

Packs in easy at 14 pounds and won't hurt your wallet to bad at $80 at Cabelas

Cons It's a bit cramped for two people but can be done. It's not bad if you take a child with you.

Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars

Ameristep Patriot Blind - This is a Cabelas excusive Blind

The Ameristep Patriot blind is a nice blind. Quiet Durashell rain resistant nylon shell with Shadow Guard carbon enhanced, scent blocking material that helps manage odor. 57'' Base, 64'' tall and 16 pounds

Pros Lightweight and takes down easily with Spider hub technology framework.

Black carbon interior keeps animals from seeing you or your silhouette.

Shoot through camo window screens.

Scent control is what will sell this blind. Still not bad for $100

Cons Small inside. Two people are really cramped. Probably to small to take your child with you.

Not big enough windows in my opinion. Especially for bow hunting

Rating 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Ralph and Vicki Posse Ground Blind

Another Cabelas exclusive

The Posse blind is a really light blind for it's size weighing in at 19 pounds. The Spider Hub Technology matched with solid-glass rod framework makes for easy setup, takedown and long-lasting dependability. Water resistant durashell nylon shell. Comes with carrying case.

Pros Windows have magnetized strips. This is excellent for ultra quiet removal.

Two windows have shoot through mesh for a 180 degree view.

All four windows open for a 360 degree view

Roomy at 75'' wide and 69''; tall. Plenty of room to take a hunting Buddy

This is a top of the line blind at $180

Cons Don't know any

No ratings Brand New Item

Ameristep Bone Collecter Blind

If there's one person in the world who knows what it takes to drop the hammer on trophy big game, it's the Bone Collector himself, Michael Waddell. And that's exactly why Ameristep teamed up with him to bring you the Bone Collecter Ground Blind. This blind has all the features a hunter could ask for in a ground blind, plus innovative technology that will change ground blind hunting forever. It has a carbon-enhanced, scent-blocking, laminated interior to keep your blind as scent-free as possible. The heavy-duty five-hub design adds rigidity to the walls and ensures fast and easy set-up and take down. Cutting-edge, high-quality NS3 MicroTech fabric creates a comfortable and quiet blind to hunt out of. This fabric eliminates shine and all excess noise with its dull fleece finish and prevents fading with the exterior UV-protected microfiber shell. Also, this blind caters to the needs of both archery and firearm hunters

Pros Ten Windows with shoot through mesh

For the Bow hunters, Ameristep's exclusive Vertical Window Technology offers excellent shooting opportunities.

Four big windows with gun ports to stick your barrel out.

Has a venting system in the roof that allows air to circulate for the hot days.

Roomy- 75'' wide x 69'' tall $200 at Cabelas

Cons Packs into a 12'' diameter x 46'' long pack. A little bulky but maybe that's the price you pay for such a big blind.

Windows use elastic bands instead of magnetics

Ratings 3.9 out of 5 stars

Ameristep Carnivore

Ameristeps top of the line ground Blind

The Carnivore blind features a non glare poly-cotton shell for reduced noise and sheen. This blind also features the carbon-enhanced ShadowGuard interior. The noiseless, dual window system offers 180° viewing and magnetic shooting windows for quiet opening and closing.

Pros Helps with scent control.

Poly-Cotton material helps absorb interior noise

Excellent visibility with easy to open and close windows.

This is a really quite blind. Its big and comfortable with an interior that measures 74'' wide x 67'' tall.

Cons a little bulky to carry, not as bulky as the Bone colector.

The price. This blind is a little pricey at $300 at Cabelas

No Reviews

Primos Ground Max®The Eclipse Hunting Blind

Any hunter who seeks an easy-to-set-up, hub-style blind at an affordable price will put the Primos Ground Max Eclipse blind at the top of his/her list. It offers a spacious 77"W x 67"H interior for you and all your hunting gear. The 600-denier polyester has a fade-free UV-coating and a water-resistant polyurethane coating to keep the interior dry under most weather conditions. Collapsible hub system allows the whole blind to be folded down and stored in the included backpack storage case. The Phantom Pro dark black coating provides a shadow-free blind interior. The 12 large view windows are covered with shoot-through mesh to give you multiple shot angles at game. One large roof opening. $130 at Cabelas

Pros Lightweight at 14 pounds.

nice backpack case that it folds into

Big. This is a large blind at 77'' wide and 67'' tall for only weighing 14 pounds

Nice gear pockets inside

Cons noisy zippers and poor stitching are the biggest complaints

Primos Vision Predator Blind

The Primos Predator Den is made of 600 denier weather resistant fabric. Brush holders line the roof for extra cocealment. Black interior to help conseal shadows. Comes with back pack style carry bag.

Predator All Purpose Deception camo pattern

Water-resistant 600-denier polyurethane-backed polyester fabric

Fade-free UV exterior coating

Phantom Pro dark black lining

360 degree viewing

Unlimited window and shoot-through mesh placement

Silent, magnetic window closures

77-inch shooting width

70-inch stand-up height

Full seam zippered entrance

Oversized bag with padded straps and gear pockets

Weighs: 18 pounds

Rating 5 out of 5 Stars

Primos Escape deluxe Hunting Blind

The innovative, collapsible, cable-engineered hub system on the Primos Escape Deluxe blind requires no in-field assembly - all you do is pull out the hub to raise and push it in to collapse. The shell fabric is sturdy and weather-resistant 600-denier polyurethane-backed polyester. A Phantom Pro black interior liner eliminates game-spooking shadows. The 12 large view windows provide easy access for a gun or bow shots. $180 at cabelas

Pros Easy to set with no field assemble.

Huge windows

Big. Real big at 77'' wide and 75'' tall you can shoot your bow while standing. and only weighs 17 pounds.

Perfect for bowhunters

Brush holders along the roof

Cons Putting back in carry case not so easy.

Velcro windows instead of magnetic

Rating 4.1 out of 5 Stars

Primos Dark Horse - Double Bull introduces Dark Horse that leads the pack when it comes to ground blind innovation.

The Primos Dark Horse is an exceptionally nice blind. The optimal wind resistance of the famously effective Double Bull T5 has been combined with the infinite visibility options of the Matrix 360° to produce a ground blind that incorporates all of the best features of both its parents. A strong, yet lightweight hub-style frame is the support system and setup time can be measured in seconds. The rugged, weather-resistant camo cotton/polyester fabric wraps the entire blind in invisibility and won't shine in the sun.

Pros Cool Camo pattern

Wind resistance is great.

Heavy duty. This blind will last a long time.

Cons Not real easy to set up for the first time.

A little Pricey But will last a long time if taken care of $300 on sale at Cabelas

Rating 4.3 out of 5 Stars

Primos Crusher Blind

The Primos Crusher blind, endosed by Lee and Tiffany has a textured shell that gives it a 3D effect. Doesn't shine or glare in the sunlight and the carry bag turns into a stadium-style seat. The 50% let-off hubs make it even easier to set up than traditional pop-up blinds. Rubber moldings prevent pinched fingers and hands during setup and takedown. This blind is only 5' wide and 72'' tall.

Pros Hevy duty blind

Limited lifetime warranty

Blends in good with surroundings

Cons difficult to set up

Very expensive $400 at Cabelas

Rating 3.3 out of 5 Stars

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    • EDawg408 LM profile image

      EDawg408 LM 

      6 years ago

      I use both Ameristep and Primos blinds. The Primos Dark Horse is my current favorite right now for its overall size and build quality. I really enjoyed your lens...very good use of product placement.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great Hunting Lens; went ahead and like'd it!


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