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Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) Female Top 50 - 2012

Updated on January 15, 2017
Gail Kim vs Mickie James
Gail Kim vs Mickie James

The PWI Top Fifty Female Wrestlers of 2012

For the past couple of years I have done a write about Pro Wrestling Illustrated's top 50 womens wrestlers list.

The list from 2010 was topped by former WWE Diva Michelle McCool and last year was Indy wrestler Madison Eagles.

This year is a whole new list with...well not really...

It's pretty much the same ladies, but the list has changed over the years and is no longer dominated by WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts.

So here is the PWI Top 50 Women Wrestlers 2012...

Gail Kim - TNA
Gail Kim - TNA

1. Gail Kim

The Number One lady on this list is kind of a shock to me because I really haven't seen her doing a whole lot in the ring recently.

Former WWE Diva and current TNA Knockout Gail Kim comes in at number one supposedly because she held the TNA Women's Knockout Championship for a record setting 210 days.

Awesome Kong and Madison Rayne both have held it longer, but not consecutively.

In Total Nonstop Action Wrestling "Mrs. Robert Irvine" has held the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship (with Madison Rayne) and the TNA Women's Knockout Championship (twice)

In World Wrestling Entertainment, Gail held the WWE Women's Championship once (But I could have sworn it was more than once)

Beth Phoenix
Beth Phoenix

2. Beth Phoenix

One of the best wrestlers the WWE has ever had, Beth Phoenix came in at number two.

"Had" because on October 29th, 2012, Beth parted ways with the WWE.

In Pro Wrestling she held the Far North Wrestling (FNW) Cruiserweight Championship, the GLORY Wrestling Championship, the Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) Women's Championship and in World Wrestling Entertainment she held the WWE Women's Championship (three times) and the WWE Divas Championship once.

Cheerleader Melissa
Cheerleader Melissa

3. Cheerleader Melissa

One of the best Indy wrestlers and TNA Knockouts ever, Cheerleader Melissa comes in at number three.

Melissa pulled double duty in not only TNA but it's Indian promotion Ring Ka King as Alissa Flash and Raisha Saeed.

Melissa has held titles in more wrestling promotions than you can shake a stick at, but notably in All Pro Wrestling (APW), ChickFight and Shimmer Women Athletes.

Sara Del Rey
Sara Del Rey

4. Sara Del Rey

Another Indy wrestler that is one of the best in the world, Sara Del Rey has signed a deal with the WWE to be a trainer.

The WWE is missing a great opportunity here as Sara is amazing in the ring.

Not "Diva" material huh?

Like Melissa, Sara has held titles all over including Chikara, Ring of Honor and Shimmer Women Athletes.

Jessicka Havok - Female Wrestling
Jessicka Havok - Female Wrestling

5. Jessicka Havok

The number of Indy wrestlers (and my respect for PWI) grows as the phenomenal Jessicka Havok comes in at number five.

Jessicka has worked for Absolute Intense Wrestling, Main Event World League, Women Superstars Uncensored and Ring Divas wrestling promotions and she has held the championship in each.

Layla-pwi top 50 women 2012
Layla-pwi top 50 women 2012

6. Layla

Back to the WWE Divas now with Layla El.

Layla has come a long way from being a dancer and winning the 2008 Diva Search to holding the WWE Divas Championship and theWWE Women's Championship.

Miss Tessmacher
Miss Tessmacher

7. Miss Tessmacher

Another lady that has come a long way is TNA Knockout Miss Tessmacher.

Brooke Adams started out as a model and a dancer and went through Deep South Wrestling, the WWE and ECW before winding up on TNA and holding the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship (with Tara) and the TNA Women's Knockout Championship twice.

Saraya Knight-pwi top 50 women wrestlers 2012
Saraya Knight-pwi top 50 women wrestlers 2012

8. Saraya Knight

After putting in over 20 years in the business, UK grappler Sweet Saraya is finally getting her due.

The mother of NXT Diva Paige, she and her husband Ricky Knight almost have their own "Hart Dynasty" in the UK.

Like the other ladies here, Saraya has held a ton of titles, mainly in the UK, including the Herts & Essex Wrestling Women's Championship (twice), the Queens of Chaos World Queens of Chaos Championship, the Premier Wrestling Federation PWF Ladies Tag Team Championship (with her daughter Britani Knight) and here in the States, the Shimmer Women Athletes Shimmer Championship.

Mercedes Martinez-pwi top 50 females 2012
Mercedes Martinez-pwi top 50 females 2012

9. Mercedes Martinez

Staying with the Indys we have Mercedes Martinez at number nine.

She has held a whole slew of championships (Women Superstars Uncensored, World Xtreme Wrestling etc), but you may have seen her on Wrestlicious as "Bandita".

Tara - TNA Wrestling
Tara - TNA Wrestling

10. Tara

And rounding out the top ten, we one of my have my favorite female wrestlers of all time, Lisa Marie Varon aka the WWE's Victoria aka TNA Knockout Tara.

Lisa has been wrestling since 2000 and has held the

TNA Women's Knockout Championship five times, the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship ( with Ms.Tessmacher) and the WWE Women's Championship twice.

She is also a former bodybuilder and fitness competitor and even flirted with a MMA career there for a bit.

The Best Of The Rest

Here are the other female wrestlers that didn't make the top ten, but made the list nonetheless.

11. Hailey Hatred

12. Natalya

13. Jazz

14. Velvet Sky

15. Madison Rayne

16. Mickie James

17. LuFisto

18. Winter

19. Tamina Snuka

20. MsChif

21. ODB

22. Eve Torres

23. Kelly Kelly

24. Brittney Savage

25. Melanie Cruise

26. Kellie Skater

27. Sarita

28. Athena

29. Nicole Matthews

30. Paige

31. Angelina Love

32. Portia Perez

33. Rosita

34. Jessie McKay

35. Kalamity

36. Alicia Fox

37. Tasha Simone

38. Taeler Hendrix

39. Rachel Summerlyn

40. Kacee Carlisle

41. Sassy Stephie

42. Cherry Bomb

43. Allysin Kay

44. Alicia

45. Brittany Force

46. Lexxus

47. Marti Belle

48. Amber O’Neal

49. Leva Bates

50. Veda Scott

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      JoshK47 5 years ago

      Very awesome women here - thanks for sharing!