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Buy Quantum Fishing Reels Online

Updated on February 18, 2010

Quantum Reels

Quantum’s “Energy PT spinning reels” in spite of a legendary reputation among the professional tour fishers, has been redesigned for 2009. One of the best improvements has been the weight reduction. This has been achieved by design improvements to the bodies of the reels, and also the rotor design and the line management system. The E10PTiB for instance weighs in at only 8.7 ounces.

They’ve also made improvements to the bail system which is guaranteed for the life of the reel. Quantum’s Energy spinning reels are precision made instruments worthy of a Swiss watchmaker, featuring extra hard “performance tuned” gears and ultra smooth polymer stainless bearings.

Quantum Energy PT Spinning Reel

As much a work of art as a fishing reel the E10PTiB has a weight of only 8.7 ounces with a line capacity of 100 yards of 6lb monofilament.

Featuring the improved TiMAG titanium bale with magnetic trip, and (LMS) Line Management System to precisely direct the line right to the roller.

The reel has a lightweight crank handle machined from aluminium.

Not just pretty this reel has a scratch proof finish of vacuum deposited titanium.

Available in the following sizes

100 yds/ 6lb 230 yds/ 10lb 160 yds/ 8lb 140 yds/ 6lb

Quantum Energy PT Baitcast Reel

These latest edition of energy PT Reels are both smaller and lighter in weight then their predecessors, weighing in at only 7 .7 ounces.

With 9 PT bearings the E100HPT reel has a maximum drag of 18 pounds, With a retrieval ratio of 7 to 1 this reel gains 29 inches of line with every single turn of the handle.

Capacity is 110 yards of 12lb monofilament line.

Complemented by a lightweight aluminium handle and a tough multi coat finish.

Available for right or left handed use.

Quantum Tour Edition PT Spinning Reel

Again redesigned for 2009, the Quantum tour edition spinning reel has seen a massive reduction in weight and now tips the scales at an amazingly low 8.5 ounces.

featuring 12 Polymer stainless hybrid P bearings for precision action

New ThinLine aluminum body and side cover

Improved TiMAG titanium bail, magnetic trip, and Line Management System (LMS) that directs line right to the roller

Stacked ceramic front-adjustable drag sytem

100 yds/ 6lb monofilament capacity

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