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Paintball pistols

Updated on October 18, 2014

Realistic Tactical Paintball Pistols

A realistic paintball pistol makes a great addition to your scenario gear. These replica handguns are lightweight, easy to carry and wield and totally fun to shoot. With a much shorter range than a tactical paintball rifle, pistols make excellent back up weapons in case your main gun runs out of ammo and of course work excellently in close quarter battles.

Basics of Paintball Pistols

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Paintball pistols are mostly used in scenario woodsball type games. There are several different sizes and types available however the most popular are the military replica paintball handguns. Most tactical paintball pistols are fed paintballs with a removable clip that will hold up to 10 paintballs. Paintball pistols often use disposable CO2 cartridges for power; generally held within the gun's grip. For most pistols, one 12g CO2 cartridge will yield roughly 50-60 shots depending on the gun.

You can expect a tactical paintball pistol to shoot roughly 50 feet accurately. While this is much less than a regular paintball marker (shooting 150-200 ft), pistols are definitely close quarter fighting weapons. The most realistic paintball pistols are nearly exact replicas of actual firearms and can only be used by players over 18 years old and on the paintball field. One of the benefits of being exact replicas of real firearms is all the compatible accessories that are available. Most tactical paintball pistols will readily accept any flashlights, lasers and scopes that would fit on any real firearm. Adding cool paintball pistol accessories is fun to juice up your handgun's look and performance.

Paintball Pistol Strategies

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Most players carry a their tactical paintball pistols as a secondary weapon. Usually carried on the player's thigh, waist or tactical vest, paintball pistols are not too heavy or cumbersome to lug around and hardly use. Some players only use their paintball pistols when they run out of ammunition for their primary weapon. The only drawback to this strategy is you hardly ever get to use your awesome looking pistol! Perhaps a better strategy is to use your paintball pistol every time you're within 50-75 feet of an opponent. Pistols are fun and challenging to use for close quarter fighting. Relying on your pistol when you're backed into a corner is thrilling; you will be amazed at how accurate most of these guns are.

If you prefer more fast paced, 'in-your-face' action and love being under pressure, try using a tactical paintball pistol as your primary weapon. Remember, paintball pistols only have a range of about 50-75 feet, so this means all your fighting will be extremely close to the action. This is a dangerous, but fun way to play and usually only attempted by experienced players who know how to move on the field. The fact that paintball pistols carry a very limited ammo and air supply leads to yet another challenge. If you're using a pistol as your primary weapon, you will need to carry plenty of extra magazines and CO2 cartridges. Fortunately, these items are fairly cheap to buy, readily available and plenty lightweight, so they're also easy to carry many of them.

.43 Desert Eagle Paintball Pistol
.43 Desert Eagle Paintball Pistol

Types of Paintball Pistols

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There are basically two sizes of paintball pistols, related to the size of paintball they shoot... .68 caliber and .43 caliber. .68 caliber paintball pistols shoot the standard size ball that nearly all paintball guns shoot. .68 caliber size paintballs are found at nearly all commercial fields and parks and are considered the industry norm. .68 pistols are a bit larger and bulkier to carry, however still lightweight enough to wield easily and quickly in battle. .68 caliber pistols include the popular Tippmann TPX, Tiberius Arms T8.1 and RAP4 T68 pistol.

Perhaps the most realistic tactical paintball pistols are the .43 caliber. The .43 pistols made by Real Action Marker are by far the most realistic replicas made. Every detail from the weight, size, top slide cocking mechanism and slight kick with each shot, these guns are as close to the real thing as possible. The draw back however is they use a smaller, less common size paintball. .43 caliber paintballs must be carried and bought extra and are not compatible with standard .68 size markers. Fortunately, .43 cal balls are cheap and easy enough to locate on the internet, but must be bought ahead of showing up at the field. Most players agree, the extreme realism of the .43 cal pistols are worth the extra trouble of having to buy different size paintballs.

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