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Red Sox Christmas Gifts - Under $10

Updated on February 5, 2014

Red Sox Christmas Gifts - Under $10

Nothing says "I Love You" for Christmas 2012 than a frugal use of the family's funds in the most Boston Red Sox fan-tastic way! You have sooo many choices here - I've left no stone unturned. Have fun mixing and matching. You'll be able to surprise each of your Boston Red Sox fans - and have a little left over to treat yourself!

Who knew that "Under $10" shopping could be this much fun?!!

Top 10

Red Sox Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Under $10

MLB Boston Red Sox Classic Baseball Bracelet
MLB Boston Red Sox Classic Baseball Bracelet

Wicked cool! What Red Sox fan wouldn't like one of these? Okay, so, even if he/she doesn't wear it all around everywhere - let's say it clashes with the work-attire - there's always casual day at the office, the weekends, and the games. And, then there's the famous teenage/young adult uses of decoration for the car's gear shift, rearview mirror, and bedroom doorknob.


Christmas Wrap

Wrapping Red Sox Gifts in Red Sox Gift Wrapping Paper

Honestly, does it get any better than this?

MLB Boston Red Sox Wrapping Paper
MLB Boston Red Sox Wrapping Paper

I'm thinking that, given that I have a blended family (of both Yankees and Red Sox fans), that maybe I'll wrap "ours" in Red Sox wrap, and "theirs" in well, that Other Team's paper. How cool would the Christmas tree look on Christmas morning with that under the tree?!!

MLB Boston Red Sox Gift Bag, Medium
MLB Boston Red Sox Gift Bag, Medium

This is soooo perfect! Gifts for friends, teachers, piano teachers, "Secret Santa" gifts, service people, and on and on! In fact, save money - this could BE the gift with a "thanks for doing a great job all year" note inside! (Well, hey, it was an idea, even if not a great one - I mean really, they'll probably save the Red Sox gift bag long after the cookies, or treats that you put into it are long gone!)


When Do You Open Christmas Gifts?

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Pencils & Pens

Writing with Boston Red Sox Pens & Pencils

Call me crazy, but I love collecting pencils (which is possibly the math nerd in me coming out). Thus, I can never have too many Boston Red Sox pencils. And, if you want to impress your Red Sox fan, get the (fat-type) retractable pens. I really like those and they stand out in my pen holder! I particularly like taking them out of my briefcase when I'm in a conference with a known Yankee fan :)



A Year with Boston Red Sox Calendars

Okay, so, I "NEED" the mini-calendar for my desk, the regular size for my kitchen, the 2-year for my long-term planning, and the Engagement book for my purse. Santa, are you listening?

Sticky Notes

Boston Red Sox Sticky Notes

Can you believe it? Win a couple World Series, and we get our own Sticky Notes! You just gotta love the 21st Century! This is soooo cool!

[All of these Boston Red Sox sticky notes come in plastic-wrapped packages, so that's why the pictures look "fuzzy."]

Boston Red Sox Sticky Notes
Boston Red Sox Sticky Notes

This one is my favorite because it leaves me a lot of white space to make notes. But, don't get me wrong Santa, I'd be happy with any of them!


Cookie Cutters

Baseball Cookie Cutters

The Christmas Rolled Sugar Cookies are callllllling my name!!!!

You just add the "Red Sox" or the "B" to the cookie. Keep your life simple: get pre-made sugar cookie dought (y'know, in the rolled packages by brands like Pillsburry) , and buy the red frosting in the tube or can.

This would make a great gift for the Boston Red Sox Baker in the house! She or he will love these all year round! Think of the possibilities:

Red Sox cookies for birthday party day at school (instead of those messy cupcakes) - or at home, for New Year's Day, for Opening Day, for the All-Star Game, for the Playoffs, for the World Series, for the days that we win, for the days that we lose, for Valentine's Day, for dessert, for breakfast, for Halloween parties, for Thanksgiving, for Christmas stocking stuffers!


Boston Red Sox Car Decals

Do they let you drive in Massachusetts without one of these on your car?


This has both the Red Sox and the words, for that "in your face" or "in case you can't read" or "my SUV window is soooo big I can do both" quality.


Dear Santa,

I'm easy! Anything on this page would be absolutely wonderful for Christmas!

Love, Me

Do YOU Have Boston Red Sox Christmas ornaments?

Do You Have Red Sox Christmas Tree Ornaments?

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Are You in a "Blended" Family?

You know, "Blended" as in Boston Red Sox fans and fans of that Other Unmentionable Team?

Well, I am. My father (who should seriously know better because he was born and raised in Massachusetts) is a Yankee fan (we're thinking he does it to torture us), much to the chagrin of his 10 siblings, and his children, and well, you know, everyone else. BUT, the problem is that he taught my daughter to say "Go Y___ees!" before the age of 1 year old. Thus, my previously sports-clueless husband who always knew and loved the Y___ee greats, then became an outspoken Y___ee fan. And, so, my now 25-year-old New York born-and-raised step-daughter joined the ever-growing Y____ees Fan bandwagon in my house, and thus, I'm living in a "Blended" Family.

But, fear not! My enthusiasm for our Boston Red Sox puts their fan-hood-spirit to shame!

Nonetheless, let me know whether you struggle with these same challenges!

Is YOUR family infiltrated by Non-Boston Red Sox Fans?

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Let us know about your Red Sox Christmas!

For Red Sox Fans (and those who love us)!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I appreciate these comments. visit rosesandgifts dot com.(send gifts,flowers and cakes to India.).

    • sheilamarie78 profile image

      sheilamarie78 6 years ago

      My sister sent me a Red Sox ornament after I moved west with my husband. I have never been a big sports fan, but if I were I'd be yelling GO SOX! at the top of my lungs. (Well, of course!)

    • TheresaMarkham profile image

      TheresaMarkham 6 years ago

      @Mickie Gee: Glad you asked! "The Green Monster" is the nickname for the big green wall in Fenway Park's left field. It's 37' height (tallest in MLB) is famously known for "eating" or stealing many would-be homeruns (in the relatively shallow left field) away from (visiting) teams. The Monster Seats atop the Wall were added just before the 2003 season - and are wildly popular!

    • Mickie Gee profile image

      Mickie Goad 6 years ago

      What are "Green Monster Seats"? Obviously, I am not from Boston.