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Cinci Redlegs vs St. Louis Redbirds

Updated on May 26, 2011

The story of rivalry within the game of Baseball intensifies with the passage of time. Take the Boston red Sox for example. They dominated the game in the early years, well before the existence of the New York Yankees.

The 1904 World Series didn't happen due to the NY Giants outright refusal to lower their standards regarding the status of the NY Yankees. The Giants considered the Yankees a junior circuit team.Therefore the inferior Yankees were not befitted the World Series billing. Another key element was the business of market share. The NY Giants were "the only real team in NY."

As it turns out, the wheels came off the Yankee Bandwagon. They had a monumental collapse down the homestretch and the Sox(Americans) won the pennant.The NY Giants refused to play the World Series in principle, if for nothing else.

Actually, "the Brush Rules" is the standard regarding guidelines "on field play and off field finance." The NY Giants would win in 1905 but lose to the Yankees in 1921,their inaugeral apperance. The Giants hated the Yankees...The Yankees hated the Giants...The fans hated each other.

When the Reds acquired long time Cardinal Jim Edmonds from Milwaukee to challenge the Central division favorites,it was bound to heat things up.

Keith Jackson put it simply, " these teams just don't like each other very much".

"Brandon Phillips said he hated the Cardinals on Monday and enumerated the reasons why. Then he tried on Tuesday to pretend nothing was wrong, and Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina not only rejected his apology but gave him a couple of choruses from that cheery old Anglican hymn, GTFO.""And hilarity ensued. I mean, when you can’t even make peace, then there’s nothing else but war."

Jeff Pearlman...SI


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