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Removing Outboard Flywheel

Updated on August 6, 2016

Removing Outboard Flywheel

Once the lower unit and fuel system has been taken care of, the points should be inspected, cleaned and adjusted. To get to this area, the flywheel has to be removed using a flywheel removal tool or sometimes called a “flywheel puller”. The puller comes with a series of bolts that attach to the top of the flywheel through threaded holes of various sizes.

Remove Nut on Top of the Outboard Flywheel

Remove nut on top of flywheel. This can be accomplished by removing a spark plug and stuffing enough rope into the cylinder to prevent the piston from moving any further on the upstroke. Jamming rope in the cylinder stops the cylinder from moving without damaging it, which also prevents the flywheel from turning when attempting to loosen the nut.

Rope In Cylinder on Outboard Flywheel

Rope in Cylinder
Rope in Cylinder | Source

Puller Attached

Attach Flywheel Puller
Attach Flywheel Puller | Source

Attach Flywheel Puller

Once nut has been removed, attach the flywheel puller per flywheel instructions. There will be one large screw in the middle sitting on the shaft and 3 attachment screws. As the middle screw is tightened, the 3 attachment screws do the pulling. The attachment screws should be screwed into the flywheel just far enough to fully engage the threads, but not far enough to damage any components under the flywheel.

Flywheel Removed

Remove Flywheel
Remove Flywheel | Source

Remove Flywheel

Tighten the middle screw a little, then tap it fairly hard with a brass or lead hammer. Do not use excessive force during these steps as this might damage hard to find parts. This should be enough to remove the flywheel. If the flywheel does not pop free, it’s best to let it sit overnight. Check the flywheel again in the morning. If it hasn’t popped free, tighten and tap some more. Repeat this process until the flywheel pops free and lifts off of the shaft.


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