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Renting a Jet Ski

Updated on July 13, 2009

Why Rent Personal Water Craft?

Many people agree a Jet Ski can be a lot of fun, but owning one can be a very costly propsition. Unless you live on the water or close to it, a good option over buying a jet ski may be to rent one when you feel like having a little fun on the water.

There are so many choices for renting jet skis now as they have become so popular. You can find jet ski rental shops almost anywhere there is water. Renting a jet ski may seem expensive right off, but when you think of the costs of ownership you may realize that this may be your best route to take.

Why Renting a Jet Ski May Be A Better Choice Than Owning One

If you are considering the purchase of a jet ski there are few things you should take into consideration first:

  • Will you get to use it enough to actually warrant the cost of the jet ski?
  • Cost of insurance
  • Cost of maintenance
  • Cost of registration and license
  • Cost of storage
  • Cost of transporting it to the water
  • Depreciation in value
  • Yearly taxes

When you think about all the costs involved in owning a jet ski, renting one really doesn't seem so expensive.

Another plus for renting is getting the opportunity to ride a different jet ski every time you go out.

Unless you live on the water and also in an area where the climite is condusive to riding very often, chances are your jet ski will be sitting more than it is getting used.

All the major jet ski manufacturers come out with new models seems like just about every year now, so  this years model will be outdated soon.

2009 Yamaha Wave Runners

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    • Wingrider profile image

      Wingrider 4 years ago from South Carolina

      Once again boo ,, I can spell just fine. I have no idea what it may cost in your area to rent a jet ski. This article was just to point out your options. Obviously it will be a lot cheaper to rent one for a day than to buy one outright. Also I can't give you specifics on insurance, property taxes or maintenance costs either as they also vary greatly by location. It also varies for the size jet ski you rent. If you really want to know what it costs to rent a jet ski to take out on the particular body of water you happen to be at ,, call someone there that rents them.. I can rent one here for $150.00 to $250.00 a day but it might cost a few dollars to get it to where you're at, not to mention burn up your whole 8 hour rental in transport time.

    • profile image

      boo 6 years ago

      Ooh I love fourth graders. Did you ever learn how to spell? And I agree, no cost, that's what I wanted. Just a general idea.

    • Wingrider profile image

      Wingrider 7 years ago from South Carolina

      Joe u r rly stupid for riteing the comment because I have no earthly idea what it might cost to rent a jet ski in your area ,, ever hear of a phone book ,, or can you read one ???

    • profile image

      joe 7 years ago

      u are rlly stupid for riteing this whole page and not telling us how much it costs