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Rio Roller - Look Great While You Skate!

Updated on August 19, 2015

Awesome Roller Skates and Roller Skating Accessories

You may have seen my previous post about the Rio Roller Jive and Fierce skates. Well this lens is all about the full range and how you can enjoy skating in the most comfortable quad skates around, while looking fab!

Whether you are new to skating or a bit of a pro, it's really worth having a read and checking out the images and photos.

Rio Roller have a bit of a community now through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, built up of people who love the skates and know them well.

Little Mix Wearing Rio Rollers - Hot Hot Mag Photo Shoot

Image Curtesy of HotHotMag
Image Curtesy of HotHotMag

The pop group, Little Mix, wore some Rio Roller skates in 2012 for an exclusive photo shoot for Hot Hot Magazine.

The photoshoot was held at the Renaissance Rooms in London, which is a very popular location for Roller Skating!

The girls look great in the skates, especially in their fancy clothes. More photos can be seen on the Rio Roller website and the Hot Hot Magazine official site.

Rio Roller Leg Warmers - Stylish and comfy!

Rio Roller Leg Warmers
Rio Roller Leg Warmers

The Rio legwarmers have great loop labels with embroidered logos on either side. They are made from 95% acrylic and 5% elastane. One size fits all, pretty much, so you don't have to worry about sizing.

I have worn them and they are really comfortable. You can wear them over skinny jeans, leggings or bare legs.

They are pretty well priced too! About a tenner. Not bad!!

Rio Roller Skate Carry Strap

Rio Roller Skate Carry Strap
Rio Roller Skate Carry Strap

This is great for those of you who don't want to carry a bag around. Maybe if you are heading to the park and want to travel light.

The strap just loops over the wheels of the skates and then you can fling it over your shoulder. It has a pad on it too, much like the ones you find on laptop bags, so it should be quite comfortable for everyone.

By wearing the strap, with the skates attached, over your shoulder, the weight of the skates really decreases!!

Rio Roller Promo Video

This little video was filmed at the photo shoot that was done to promote the Jive and Fierce Rio skates.

A Little Bit Of Advice

Rio Roller telling you how you can skate backwards. It's more for fun than anything else by the looks of it.

What do you want to say? - Are you a Rio Roller fan? Are you a skating fan in general?

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