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Saka Dance Fitness

Updated on June 6, 2014

Saka Dance Fitness! A New and Fun way to Exercise!

Saka Dance Fitness is a new dance fitness party. It is an Afri-Caribean-Latin and international dance fitness that gives gratitude to God at the start and finish of the party. Its a healthy balance of spirituality and sensuality. Saka works and tones the whole body, especially the CORE! Who doesn't want flatter/toned abs?! I know I do!!

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Click Here for More Information! O_o

A great way to sweat, build endurance, and work that body!

I've had a chance to take the Saka Dance Fitness class locally and love it! If you walk out of the gym NOT sweating, then you sure as heck didn't work hard. Talk about a great work out for the entire body as well as a good way to build ENDURANCE!! Luckily I had been taking some other classes prior to this so my first time I tried Saka, I didn't die but I definitely felt a change in my body. Yes I was sore! I continue to take these classes (only located in North Carolina at the moment) and notice a change in my flexibility when I exercise/dance and my abs feel tighter! HEAR ME ROAR!!!

The Color Run 2014 in Winston Salem, NC - Warm Up with Saka Dance Fitness

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How Can I Do Saka Dance Fitness if I don't live in NC? Yes folks, there is a DVD!!! - Saka Dance Fitness DVD

Get your heart pumping with this awesome Saka Dance Fitness dvd! Need a break from Zumba? Give this DVD a go and shake what your momma gave ya!

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Super Feet Insoles - Show Your Feet That You Care !

For a while I was having knee pain when I was doing my High Impact workout classes. A friend told me about Superfeet because she, like me, have high arched feet. Trying to do workouts with a bad shoe and/or no arch support can take a toll! After going to my local Fleet Feet and testing out Superfeet insoles, I was hooked! Every insole is different. I wear the Berry specifically for high impact/high arched feet. Superfeet insoles come in both WOMENs and MENs.

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