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Sportscaster Samantha Steele

Updated on August 27, 2015

Samantha Ponder

Sportscaster Samantha Ponder has been dubbed by many as the "next Erin Andrews". While that contention may be debatable, what cannot be denied is the fact that Samantha Ponder is a rising star in the competitive world of sports reporting.

Creative Commons photo courtesy Flickr/GoIowaState

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Brief Steele Bio

Samantha Steele ESPN
Samantha Steele ESPN

A native of Phoenix, Arizona, Samantha Steele began her sports reporting career as an undergrad at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, She was a television sideline reporter for various men's and women's sporting events. Shortly after graduating in 2009, Sam landed a sideline reporting gig with Fox sports, and worked both football and basketball, mostly in the Western part of the U. S. She also served as a weekly columnist for

Steele accepted a position with The Longhorn Network (owned by ESPN), in the summer of 2011, and has since relocated to the Austin, Texas area. In addition to her sideline reporting duties, Samantha also creates feature stories and does extensive studio work for both ESPN and the Longhorn Network. In late 2012, Steele married Minnesota Vikings QB Christian Ponder. The duo were wed in a small civil ceremony in Wisconsin.

Creative Commons photo courtesy Flickr/GoIowaState

Samantha Steele married Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder in late 2012.

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