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San Francisco 49ers Beer Glasses

Updated on August 12, 2014

There are a lot of things I like in the world, but like peanut butter and chocolate, two that go together quite well are the San Francisco 49ers and beer.

There is nothing that is quite as enjoyable for me as taking a relaxing Sunday and enjoying a few good beers and watching some football. It is a great end of a good week.

Does beer taste better in a good glass?

If you are a fan of quality beer, I am sure you have noticed that it can actually taste a bit better when it is poured from the bottle into a glass.

I guess the shape of the glassware lets the beer breathe. Or maybe it is just that some of our enjoyment comes from the visual cues of seeing golden beverage. It is hard to tell the reason. I do know that some of the premium beer makers actually claim that certain types of glassware make their beverage taste better. So perhaps it is some of both.

As a 49ers fan always have the San Francisco beer glasses

If you have been an NFL football fan for any amount of time, you know that circumstances can change drastically from seasons to season. Right now the 49ers are doing well. Once again, they will likely make the playoffs, hopefully running the table and winning the big game. (Is that too much to ask?)

But it is hard to imagine that they will always be a playoff caliber team, year after year. It just doesn't happen. There will be lean years for the 49ers in the future. Having nostalgic team memorabilia when the team is not at it's pinnacle is the sign of a good fan. These San Fransisco 49ers beer glasses are something that will last you a long while. You can enjoy them when the Niners win, and have them to lift your spirits when the teams fortunes are not so bright.

How big of a 49ers fan are you?

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