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Savate News & Information

Updated on February 6, 2015

Latest News & Information on Savate Boxe Francaise

Drawing on social media and personal contacts, this page brings together the latest news about Savate from around the world. Savate, also known as Boxe francaise, is French boxing. In Boxe francaise, we don't just punch, we also kick!

Savate Boxe francaise has a long history. It came into being in France around two hundred years ago. It was a demonstration sport in the Paris Olympics.

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The photo shows Phil Norman and Salem Assli in action. It was taken in Cambridge by Ollie Batts, and is copyright to him.

2015 World Championships in Savate Combat

The 2015 qualifying tournament for the World Combat Championships will be held in France in June.

2014 - World Assaut Championships

The World Savate Assaut Championships took place in Rome, Italy, between October 30th and 2nd November. The gold medallists were:


  • Moins de 56kg Champion – Boris RODRIGUEZ (France)
  • 56 – 60kg Champion – Yoann COLLART ( Belgium)
  • 60 – 65kg Champion – Johan GHASSIRI (France)
  • 65 – 70kg Champion – Smaël MAYOUF (France)
  • 70 – 75kg Champion – Tony ANCELIN (France) V
  • 75 – 80kg Champion – James SOUTHWOOD (Great Britain)
  • 80 – 85kg Champion – Pierre ARMBRUSTER (France)
  • Plus de 85kg Champion – Goran BAJSANSKI (Serbia)


  • Moins de 48kg Champion – Adeline MAY (France)
  • 48 – 52kg Champion – Charlène MORGO (France)
  • 52 – 56kg Champion – Mathilde MIGNIER (France)
  • 56 – 60kg Champion – Maurine ATEF (France)
  • 60 – 65kg Champion – Julie LAZARD (France)
  • 65 – 70kg Champion – Annukka VOLOTINEN (Finland)
  • 70 – 75kg Champion – Moussou TOUNKARA (France)
  • Plus de 75kg Champion – Wided YOUNSI (Tunisia)

Team Germany 2014

Semi-Finals Of French Elite Championships - Lorient, March 2013

An evening of excellent combats, the winners will go on to fight for the French Elite titles of 2013 in Cambrai and Coubertin. Some of the well-known winners in Lorient were:

Ousmane Sarr, Male, under 56kg

Georgy Fernante, Male, under 70kg

Tony Ancelin, Male, under 75kg

Elodie Bermudez, Female, under 52kg

Julie Burton, Female, under 65kg

Shown in the photo:

Julie Burton vs Jessica Konde. Photo by Dan Bettale.

Savate in London, February 2013

A recent Savate gala in London included fighters from Great Britain, Ireland, France, Germany and Slovenia. The competition, on Feb 16th, was fought on mats and according to Savate Assaut rules. This photo is copyright to my friend, Andrew Wood.

World Championships 2012

Savate Assaut, in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Sixteen weight categories were contested in the 2012 World Championships, which were held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on 31st August and 1st September 2012.

The gold medalists were:



M56/60kg S. ZELKOVIC (SER)

M60/65kg J. DAHIE (FRA)

M65/70kg V. MICHAUX (FRA)

M70/75kg R. KAROUM (ALG)

M75/80kg S. CARRE (FRA)

M80/85kg K. MONZA (FRA)

M+85kg B. ANNOUR (FRA)





W56/60kg M. HORVAT (CRO)

W60/65kg M. CIESLIK (FRA)

W65/70kg H. LELANT (FRA)

W70/75kg A. BOUCHET (FRA)


Savate Assaut on Video

This is a video compilation of the finals of the European Savate Assaut Championships that took place in Tournai, Belgium in 2007.

European Savate Assaut Championships 2007

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European Savate Combat Championships 2012

Continental Championships

The finals of the Senior Men's European Combat Championships took place in Tournai, Belgium on 29th September 2012. The qualifying tournament for the 2014 European Combat Championships will be held in June.


Under 56 kg

Champion CARBONE Romain (FRA)

Vice-Champion CARBONE Riccardo (ITA)

56-60 kg

Champion SLAVINSKYI Viktor (UKR)

Vice-Champion SIMUNEC Predrag (CRO)

60-65 kg

Champion AMGHAR Yazid (FRA)

Vice-Champion ABDINOV Ruslan (RUS)

65-70 kg

Champion BOROVIC Goran (CRO)

Vice-Champion DE PAOLIS Marco (ITA)

70-75 kg

Champion STUDENIKOV Andre (RUS)

Vice-Champion SACCO Luca (ITA)

75-80 kg

Champion MADISSE Patrick (FRA)

Vice-Champion CESTIC Ljubomir (SRB)

80-85 kg

Champion SISSOKO Slimane (FRA)

Vice-Champion ROMAC Zoran (SRB)

over 85 kg

Champion HEINI Frederic (FRA)

Vice-Champion BELOSEVIC Dino (CRO)

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