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Score As Many Runs As You Possibly Can

Updated on June 6, 2012

Lenny Neslin of wrote the following as one of baseball's unwritten rules: "Your team is leading by half a dozen runs and it’s the eighth inning. Your team’s equivalent to Rickey Henderson is on first base, but that is not the time to swipe a bag. Even though that rare, miraculous ninth-inning comeback occurs from year to year, stealing bases with an insurmountable lead is bush league". Lenny pull your head out of your ass and listen to this. It is to be expected that in that same ninth inning that you speak of the team that is behind will come up to bat and each of those hitters will do his very best to get on base. And with a mere 2 walks, 2 singles, a hit batter and a home run that insurmountable lead you made up in your head IS GONE.

The fact that significant ninth inning comebacks do not happen frequently is not a result of the losing team being incapable of coming back, but rather quite frankly that team conceding defeat. Otherwise you would see it much more often because 6 run innings happen all the time. But no team can ever play under the premise that the other team will concede defeat. Now if there was an unwritten rule that any team that was behind by 6 runs going into the ninth inning would have their batters lay their bats down as they stepped into the batters box and let 3 strikes go by then i could see some validity in the winning team not stealing any more bases. Otherwise it is crystal clear to me that any baseball team should STEAL AS MANY BASES AS THEY POSSIBLY CAN REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES.

The mere suggestion that a team stop trying to steal in order to increase its lead is every bit as offensive as telling me that a team should stop trying to get hits in an effort to come back. What someone is really saying then is "if one team is ahead by 6 going into the ninth inning THE GAME IS OVER". If that is the case then why are the teams playing the ninth inning? Why not make that a "written" rule: If there is a 6 run difference after 8 innings, the ninth inning will not be played. Ill tell you why. Because it would completely destroy the integrity of the game. And teams in retaliation will throw at the current batter right after the base is stolen. You just reduced baseball to a game of thugs. Congratulations.


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