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Scuba Diving Safety Equipment

Updated on September 1, 2011

Be a Safe Diver by always carrying this Scuba Diving Safety Equipment

While most dives you do are uneventful, there are occasions when things go wrong. You can never predict when this will happen, so be on the safe side and always carry a dive knife, safety sausage, whistle and compass. Make it a habit to do it on every dive. In case of emergency, these pieces of gear will greatly increase your chances of getting free from something underwater, or being found on the surface in you're lost for some reason. Safe diving in the future!


A Diving Compass: useful underwater and on the surface.

Underwater, a scuba diving compass can help you keep track of where you are, so you can surface at the correct location. Or, you can avoid some possibly dangerous currents.

On the surface, a compass can be very helpful if you are lost and the boat does not pick you up for some reason. If you know land is in a certain direction, put on your mask and snorkel, set a compass heading and start swimming in that direction. Before you start your dive, make it a point to know which direction land is from your dive spot.

My Top Choice for Scuba Diving Compass - Every Scuba Diver should have one

Suunto Sk8 Wrist Compass
Suunto Sk8 Wrist Compass

Suunto is the most trusted name in dive computers and compasses. If you buy a cheap compass, it will not stand up to wear and tear and last you only a year or two. This compass can last for 10 years or more.


What kind of Scuba Diving Compass do you prefer?

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More Scuba Diving Compasses


Why do I need a Diving Knife?

To Fend off the Man-Eating Sharks!

Just joking. A diving knife can be life-saving if you get caught in some kelp or a fishing line or net or a piece of your gear, such as a strap gets stuck on something. Simple get your dive buddy to use a knife to cut you free, either by cutting the kelp or fishing line or cutting off the piece of your gear that is stuck.

My #1 Choice for Scuba Diving Knife

U.S. Divers Titanium 5-Inch Diving Knife
U.S. Divers Titanium 5-Inch Diving Knife

A knife that you can attach to your BCD is a much better choice than one you strap onto your leg or arm. Those knives often fall off, and are easy to forget.

This knife is an excellent choice because it's made of titanium and won't rust. It has a serrated, and a sharp edge, as well as a line cutter. This knife will last you a lifetime!


Where do you attach you Knife when Scuba Diving?

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What's a Scuba Diving Safety Sausage for?

A safety sausage is one of the most useful pieces of scuba diving safety equipment. You can deploy it underwater, from about 6 or 7m, as you're doing your safety stop to signal boats that you are underneath it and about to surface. It also helps alert your boat to your location so they can come pick you up.

If you're on the surface, and your boat is nowhere to be found you can deploy the sausage to alert the searchers. This also applies if you're doing shore dives, but get swept out to sea for some reason.

All divers should keep a safety sausage in their BCD pocket at all times.

My top choice for Scuba Diving Safety Sausage

XS Scuba 7 Ft. Surface Marker Buoy
XS Scuba 7 Ft. Surface Marker Buoy

This sausage is an excellent choice because it packs so small and light, yet is longer and thicker than many other safety sausages out there.


Do you always carry a Safety Sausage when Scuba Diving?

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Why do I need a Safety Whistle when Scuba Diving?

You obviously can't use a whistle when scuba diving, but it's necessary if you have an emergency on the surface. Maybe someone gets injured underwater and you surface quickly. You need immediate pick-up from the boat, but they are busy with other people. Blow your whistle to get their attention.

Or, perhaps you surface at the wrong spot and can't immediately see the boat. You're getting pulled away from the site by the current. Blow your whistle, inflate your safety sausage and the boat (or any other searchers) should be able to find you.

My # 1 Choice for Scuba Diving Whistle

Scuba Scuba Safety Whistle
Scuba Scuba Safety Whistle

This whistle works even when soaking wet, which makes it perfect for a scuba emergency. It also comes with a lanyard, which makes it easy to attach to your wrist in case of emergency and you can be sure not to lose it. Keep it in your BCD pocket until you need to use it.


Do you always dive with a whistle?

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    • Redneck Lady Luck profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      7 years ago from Canada

      I can see how knowing when your oxygen is running out would be a definite plus when you are scuba diving ;)


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