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Top 5 Scuba Diving Regulators for Women 2015

Updated on January 20, 2015

Are you looking for a Regulator, but aren't sure where to start?

There are so many Scuba Diving Regulators on the market these days that it can be tough to know if you're making the right decision. Which brand should you trust? How much should you spend? Should you get one with an integrated air system? Should you take your scuba diving instructor's advice or do your own research online? Should you believe the reviews on Amazon? Should you take seriously the opinions of the other divers on the boat on vacation or at your local scuba diving club?

The choice of which scuba diving regular to buy is made even harder if you're a woman because most of the scuba diving gear on the market is made for men. But women are shaped differently and this gear often doesn't really work that well. However, there are some specifically made regulators for ladies these days, as well as some travel regulators that are perfect for women. I have chosen 5 top-quality regulators from the most trusted companies in scuba diving for you on this site. Advice you can trust.

Mares Prestige She Dives Regulator

Mares Prestige 12S She Dives Regulator
Mares Prestige 12S She Dives Regulator

Mares is one of the best regulator manufacturers in the industry, with their Regs always placing in the top 5 in tests for reliability, performance and durability. Sometimes even 2 or 3 different Mares regulators can be found on those Top 5 or Top 10 lists. So when you buy a Mares Regulator, you know you have a name that you can trust.

The Prestige is an excellent choice for ladies because it is has a lightweight design that will reduce fatigue in the mouth area, yet performance isn't sacrificed. It has a balanced first stage to maintain ease of breathing at any depth and tank pressure. There are 4 low-pressure ports for all your gadgets. An optional cold water kit can be purchased to use this reg in extreme conditions.


Mares Prestige She Dives

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Mares Proton 42 Metal She Dives Regulator

Mares She Dives Proton 42 Metal Regulator with SuperFlex Hose - Mares She Dives Regulators
Mares She Dives Proton 42 Metal Regulator with SuperFlex Hose - Mares She Dives Regulators

This is the female version of Mares' award winning Proton 42 Regulator. It consistently places on the top of lists testing performance and reliability.

The woman's version offers maximum performance with minimum volume and weight. There is a special mouthpiece to reduce fatigue. Performance, even in cold water is flawless with a balanced design and special venturi assist, to make breathing even easier.


Aqualung Mikron Regulator

Aqua Lung Mikron Green Scuba Regulator Yoke
Aqua Lung Mikron Green Scuba Regulator Yoke

Aqualung has once again produced a top-quality high-performance regulator that meets the demands of any serious diver. This is a company with a reputation for coming up with products that go above and beyond what is currently on the market.

This regulator is the lightest and most compact of any regulator currently available. It weighs a mere 31 oz, with a 5 oz hose. Despite the lightness, performance is not sacrificed as it has both first and second stage balanced designs, offering ease of breathing at any tank pressure and depth. There is an adjustment knob on the second stage to prevent free-flows on the surface, but offer easier breathing underwater.


Are Women's Scuba Regulators just a gimmick?

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Scubapro MK 11

ScubaPro MK11/R395 System Regulator
ScubaPro MK11/R395 System Regulator

This is an entry-level regulator from Scubapro that has performed well in tests done by Scuba Diving Magazine. It has a balanced diaphragm in the 1st stage, which means that it should breathe well even in the most extreme conditions. This is an easy to adjust regulator that can be set with a few simple tools to deliver more, or less air.

It's small, and lightweight which makes it perfect for a woman diver not looking to spend too much money on a quality regulator. But don't worry, cheaper does not mean that safety or durability has to suffer! This regulator is still far better than what you'll rent from a scuba diving shop or at your local club.


How to Choose a Scuba Diving Regulator

Apex Flight Regulator

Aqualung Titan Regulator
Aqualung Titan Regulator

The Apex Flight is one of the lightest regulators on the market today. It was designed primarily for the travel diver, but also would be an excellent choice for ladies or children due to its small size, weight and volume. You'll finish your dive with no jaw fatigue, that's for sure!

This regulator offers amazing performance with balanced first and second stages, but it's not designed to be used in waters under 10 degrees Celsius so be sure to limit yourself to warmer waters. It's light enough that it will never put you over the weight limit on vacation.


Apex Flight Regulator

Curious about Scuba Diving Regulators are Made?

Let me know what you think about scuba regulators for women

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    • lynnegirl1 profile image


      5 years ago

      What's your opinion? Do you think regulators tailored for women make a difference in the water, or are they just designed to appeal to women with colors other than black?


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