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Scum Frog Frustrations or Lilly Pads are Pretty

Updated on April 23, 2015

A Lovely Lake

There is a lovely lake a little over walking distance from my home. It is about a 1.5 miles in diameter, has a paved path all the way around, a few benches, a couple of gazebos and absolutely no athletic facilities. It is a popular spot to walk, run, bike, birdwatch, fish and since the old B&O mainline is nearby railfanning is another activity that can be enjoyed. Certainly one of my favorite places.

Any Lure Will Work

When the Redwing Blackbirds start to sing you know that Winter is on the wane and the delights of Spring and Summer are nearly upon us. It is time to visit the Bass Pro Shop and buy this year’s lifetime supply of fishing tackle, put new line on the fishing reels and fill a new tackle bag with catching stuff. From early March to late April it is happy fishing time. The bass are hungry, the state of Maryland has stocked the lake with trout, the lake banks are clear of poison ivy and best of all the lily pads are still thinking about waking up. The water is free of plants and it is easy to fish. Any fresh water lure will be effective, the Mepps spinner bait will catch bass, crappie and trout while a crank bait will attract old bucket face (largemouth bass) himself. Catch–em now; the times; they are a changing.

The Mayflower

Weeds on a Worm

May brought the flowers, the Pilgrims, the lily pads and weeds. The lake edges becomes choked with plants making it impossible to use lures with exposed hooks. Even Texas rigged worms are difficult to use and become very effective weed harvesters. The numbers of fisherman are greatly reduced but the lake is still beautiful and a great place to visit. All is not lost on the fishing front, there is the Southern Bait Co. Scum Frog!!

A Pack of Frogs

Ain't He Cute

The Scum From comes in a variety of styles and colors. It is designed to be used in the worst kind of weed infested conditions. Cast the lure into the mess, twitch it a couple of times, or pop the popper then retrieve a few feet of line. Try to swim into and stop in the spaces between the Lilly Pads. Bass will hit the lure. It is quite exciting to witness the swirl of the fish and see it disappear under the water. The fishing instructions say to wait a few seconds then cross the fishes eyes with a quick jerk on the rod. The lure will definitely attract bass, and the fish will hold on, but there seems to be a problem in the actual catching of the fish. I have had the excitement of attracting the fish many times but have yet to hook one of the beast on a Scum Frog.



Incompetence of the fisherman is likely the reason for lack of success, more practice is needed and I will practice until I get it right or until I get so frustrated that blaming the lure is the only answer. There could be another reason. While using a Texas rigged worm to collect weeds to photograph a bass hit the worm. He sucked in most of it and I jerked him out of the water but he let go in mid air. He could not have been over 5 inches so. The moral of this story is that the fish could be to small to bite a Scum Frog, so patience is the key, wait for the big one.

SCUM FROG Triumph at Last

This morning (6/11/10) the waters of LakeArtemisia exploded with the magnificent gyrations of a largemouth bass struggling against the determined efforts of a skilled fisherman. When the foam settled the fish was conquered and the fisherman was doing a happy dance since this fish marked the first one caught on a Scum Frog.


Actually, that account may be a little exaggerated. The fish was about 13 inches and did make a ripple on the water as he sucked in the piece of plastic. He swam around a bit and quickly succumbed to the 12 pound line tethering him to the fisherman. The elation of the fisherman is not exaggerated however.


The frog was a pumpkin seed trophy series, an interesting lure. It weighted at the rear and floats vertically, and kind of bobs up and down on retrieve, never did have a lure with action quite like this one. The fish was caught about 2 feet from the shore in amongst thick weed and lily pads.

The Scum Frog attracts fish and is certainly fun to use, I highly recommend it. Use a fairly heavy rod and minimum 10 pound test line.

Another Frog Update

Just call me the master of scum. The black rat frog caught a Bass, not a big Bass but a legal 12 inch Bass (I released him). The other day would you believe a frog took the black rat. The thing had a 5 inch body and hung on until I got him a couple of feet out of the water, then he let go. Thank Goodness. All the bites were within 2 feet of the shore in heavy pads. Yesterday (6/28/14)evening I caught another frog on a small black with green legs frog. Again he hung on until about 4 feet from the surface and let go, thank God.

Nikon coolpix L Camera

All pictures used in this hub were taken with an L series Nikon camera. It is an easy to use, inexpensive digital wonder. I particularly like that it takes AA batteries that can be purchased anywhere. Take a couple along in the camera bag, but if you forget the local convenience store can supply them.


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    • MnTed profile image


      8 years ago

      Fishing with scum frogs is one of my favorite ways to fish largemouth! They are a great bait to reach those heavy cover bass.


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