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Sentry Gun Safe

Updated on September 17, 2013

The Sentry Gun Safe

If you are a keen hunter, then having the security of a Sentry gun safe at home to lock all your guns away is simply a must!

Gun safes have replaced the more traditional 'Gun Cabinets' of old. They may not be as decorative as a Gun Cabinet, however they are far more secure.

In must county's in the USA, Gun Safes are required By Law.

The sentry Gun safe is primarily used to prevent access to un-authorized persons, for burglary protection and some higher spec. gun safes are designed to even protect your guns from potential damage caused during a flood or fire.

Can I make it very clear here and now. I am not entering into a debate about whether or not people should own gun(s). I am merely just showing those people that do own a gun(s), that they should stire them safely and that there are some extremely safe and secure ways to do it. Mainly with a "Sentry Gun Safe".

Which Size Sentry Gun Safe Is Right For You

For anyone who owns a gun or guns, knowing they are locked away safely when not in use is seriously a priority especially for people with children in the home.

Gun safes are not cheap, that's a fact. However safety does not always come cheap and you certainly should not be fooled into going out to buy some basic lock-up cabinet to store your gun(s).

So buying the correct size of sentry gun safe is not only logical but can also save you money. There is no point in buying a 14-gun safe if you only own a couple of guns. Also there is very little point buying a safe that stores long-guns such as the SentrySafe G0135 Black Safe 5 Long Gun Safe when you only own a hand-gun.



Store your guns safely

There is NO Excuse

Gun Owners

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Be Safe

When I first sat down to write this article even I wasn't aware of the numerous options available for anyone looking for a sentry gun safe. So there really is NO excuse for anyone just storing the gun at home under the bed or just in a cupboard. Both So, So Dangerous.

I honestly thought gun owners would only have a couple of options to choose from but searching on AMAZON.

As I stated at the beginning of this article, I am in no way entering into a debate about are guns good or bad, I simply want to make sure those people who do own a, store them safely and securely.


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    • profile image

      Roglovsky 4 years ago

      I have my gun but I can not kill people only make them :P

    • Socialpro54 LM profile image

      Socialpro54 LM 4 years ago

      i have no gun "lol"

    • iwrite100 profile image

      Maribel Forayo 4 years ago from Philippines

      Indeed, there is no excuse. Those should not be accessible by kids.

      Thanks for this reminder.