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Shuffleboard Table Review - Venture, Berner, Playcraft brands

Updated on June 1, 2013

Shuffleboard Tables

Review of current shuffleboard tables on the market and a little history on shuffleboard as well! Read the lens and see what tables might be best for your home, office, or business. Different brands, and different classes of tables are discussed to give you some relevant shuffleboard information! Enjoy.

Shuffleboard table information

a little history lesson!

Shuffleboard has been around in different forms for over 500 years. It was originally brought to America by the British colonists. Shuffleboard has since transformed to be played for decades in taverns, the decks of cruise ships, on concrete slabs at public parks, and on beautiful handcrafted tables in people's homes. If you would like to introduce your family, institution, or business to the classic pastime of shuffleboard- you have come to the right place.

Shuffleboard tables are usually a center-piece for recreation rooms or game rooms. Few table games can compare with shuffleboard tables in the decorative appearance, variety in types of games, multi-player formats, and enjoyment for all ages. One of the great things about shuffleboard is that it is not just one game with a single set of rules. There are different variations of games and rules. Games like Horse Collar, Knock off, and Crazy Eights are just to name a few.

Competition Shuffleboard tables are generally 22ft long. Now tables are sold all in 2 ft increments all the way to 12ft long and even come in 9ft sizes! We generally recommend 2 feet of space at each end of the table to allow space for playability. When choosing the size table you will also need to consider the ability to carry the length of table into your home and make all turns required. We recommend extending an extension ladder to the length you would like and using it as a guide to make sure you can maneuver that length into your home or business. Now that you know what size, let's figure out what type is best for you!

There are three categories of Shuffleboard tables- Commercial , Premium Home, and Home tables. Home Shuffleboard tables are generally between 9 - 16ft long and 28" in width.

Standard Home Shuffleboard Tables

economical shuffleboard table options

Home Shuffleboard tables like the Playcraft Woodbridge and Berner Standard shuffleboard tables are great options for the beginner or game room enthusiast that wants to experience a quality table without the high cost.

The tables are made with all wood but finished with laminate. The Playcraft Georgetown is the same table but is actually a wood veneer cabinet instead of a laminate.

All three of these tables have 1.5" thick and 15" wide Maple butcher block playing surfaces that are already attached to the cradle. They do now have climatic adjusters under the table.

The table is leveled on leg levelers and comes included with everything you need to play with.

Playcraft Telluride 14 Ft Shuffleboard Table
Playcraft Telluride 14 Ft Shuffleboard Table

Premium Home Shuffleboard Tables

if you've got a few extra dollars in your wallet!

Premium Home Shuffleboard tables are for people looking for a better quality on the cradle.

These tables are made from all hardwood and are stained and include additional detailed wood work on the cabinet.

In the premium home table category are sizes from 9ft, 12ft, or 14ft , 16ft, 18ft, 20ft, and 22ft. The Playcraft Telluride or Berner Pro Shuffleboard tables are examples of this table. These tables include a commercial grade 3" thick and 20" wide Maple Butcher block play surface, detailed wood work on the cradle, climatic adjusters and overhead electronic scoring display.

coin-operated shuffleboard table
coin-operated shuffleboard table

Commercial Shuffleboard Tables

Coin operated shuffleboard tables

Commercial Shuffleboard tables are our last category.

Venture Shuffleboard tables are domestically manufactured from all hard woods and made per order. The detailed woodwork and quality that goes into making a Venture Shuffleboard table is unmatched in the industry.

These tables are available from 9 foot all the way to Regulation 22 feet long. They can be custom made with custom stains and have options for overhead electronic scoring, lighting, and company logo implementation.

Coin operated shuffleboard tables for commercial customers are very profitable game room pieces and attract a more refined customer to the establishment.

Shuffleboard trick shots

great trick shots on a shuffleboard table

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