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Siam Park, Playa de las Americas, Tenerife

Updated on March 9, 2015
Siam Park
Siam Park

The Water Kingdom

Siam Park is a massive theme park, featuring many breathtaking and white knuckle water rides. It is situated at Playa de las Americas on the popular tourist island of Tenerife. The park is set in a beautiful paradise reflecting the ancient kingdom of Siam, or Thailand as it now called.

The park caters for people of all ages including adrenalin junkies, thrill seekers and those who just want to soak up the sun and relax.

Getting to Siam Park

Siam park is situated on the south coast of Tenerife in Playa de las Americas, close to Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje. If you are staying any of these resorts, free transport is laid on at regular intervals throughout the day to take you to and from the park, stopping at various hotels and shopping centers. The buses can't be missed as they are painted in the Siam Park theme and the bus stops all have Siam Park 'pick up point' signs.

For those staying at the opposite end of the island, the journey should take about 1 hour as there is a comprehensive bus service on the island of Tenerife. Ideally, head for the bus station in Playa de las Americas, which is only a short distance from Siam Park.

Entrance Fees

The Siam park entrance fees are 30 euros for adults and 19.50 euros for children, which are payable at the gate.

However there a various deals available online and at various places in Tenereife. Most of these include a twin ticket deal which include both Siam park and Loro Parque. Lora Parque is situated towards the north of the island, and one of the packages includes free transport between the parks.

The twin ticket deals are the best option as you save money and get a fast track option into the parks skipping any lengthy queues.

Siam park rides and attractions

Once inside the park you will be greeted with a large pool with Sea Lions known simply as 'Sea Lions island'. Walking on a little further you enter the floating market, which is designed to replicate Thai architecture.

The floating market is a series of shops where souvenirs and gifts can be purchased to remind you of your experience here. Refreshments can also be purchased here too, however there are various points around the park where food and drink are available.

Before entering the main park area visitors can hire lockers (for a small fee) to keep their personal belongings safe while they are enjoying the water rides.

Siam Beach
Siam Beach

Siam Beach and Wave Palace

Inspired by the famous beaches of Thailand, Siam beach is the perfect place for some sun bathing and gentle relaxation. Relax on the beautiful clean white sand under the palm trees or take a swim in the clear blue water.

Siam beach also has two beach bars, here there is a wide range of international cuisine which can be enjoyed either on the terrace or the beach.

Siam beach also features the wave palace, which is one of the most popular attractions of the park. A series are large waves are produced, which can be experienced at the deep end or alternatively you can paddle in the small ripples on the edge of the beach.

Tower of Power
Tower of Power

Tower of Power

The Tower of Power is arguably Siam Parks most iconic ride and can be seen from most places from within the park due to its height. Sitting at the top of this ride which looks like a huge water slide must be terrifiing (many people 'bottle it' and simple return via the steps).

Once on your way you are faced with a near vertical drop of 28 meters in free fall, before heading through an aquarium and finally emerging into a small pool. A great ride for the adrenalin junkies.

The Lost City
The Lost City

The Lost City

The Lost City is one of the attractions at Siam park which caters for younger children who aren't permitted on the larger rides due to height restrictions. The Lost City is a combinations of towers joined by nets and bridges. The attraction features waterfalls, water fountains and various slides, but beware the large monkey head at the top of the Lost City.

Tucked away to one side of the Lost Kingdom is the Baby Zone which is ideal for toddlers who are yet old enough for the Lost City. It features a small pool with a slide and water guns. Like all of the attractions here there are always life guards on hand to supervise and help if anyone gets into difficulty.

Naga Racer
Naga Racer

Naga Racer

For those of us with a competitive streak there is always the Naga Racer where you can challenge your family or friends to race to the bottom of the Naga snakes. Simply pick up a mat, walk to the top and race your competitors to the bottom. The Naga Racer features six lanes of running water.

Jungle Snake

As the name suggests the Jungle Snakes is a ride that twists and turns its way through the jungle. You can choose between four different snake routes as you speed towards the bottom sitting on a large rubber ring. 

The Dragon
The Dragon

The Dragon

The Dragon is a ride for up to 3 people who sit on a raft which gathers speed, eventually ending up at the mouth of a large cone. You go back and forth and experience the loss of gravity before the ride comes to a climax.

Mai Thai River

The Mai Thai River sometimes called 'the lazy river' is a great way to relax especially after all of the excitement of the other rides. The river twists and meanders its way through much of the park as you enjoy the lush green vegetation, cascading waterfalls, aquarium and finally finishing off with a jacuzzi. The perfect way to unwind after a great day out.


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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      What a fun sounding place! Thanks for all of the information and photos. Rating this useful.

    • ChilliWilly profile image

      ChilliWilly 6 years ago from Kaunas, Lithuania

      Very beautiful hub. Thanks for sharing!