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How to Apply Iron-on Patches to Ski Jackets

Updated on January 17, 2012

Things You'll Need

Needle and thread (optional)
Utility knife


Ski jackets are predominantly composed of a nylon material and should only be exposed to a low heat setting from an iron. Iron-on patches require a high heat setting in order to be accurately applied, however, the use of high heat on nylon fabric will lead to unwanted results. Fortunately, there is an alternative for applying iron-on patches to a ski jacket.

Step 1

Lay the ski jacket on a flat surface and smooth out the area that you want to place the patch on with your hands.

Step 2

Use a utility knife to gently score the back of the iron-on patch to remove as much of the plastic lining as possible without damaging the patch. This will allow for fabric-to-fabric surface contact.

Step 3

Unscrew the cap of the Fabri-Tac, remove the seal and puncture the tip with the utility knife.

Step 4

Apply the glue uniformly over the back of the patch, trying not to go past the edge of the patch. Promptly apply the patch to the designated area of your ski jacket and press down firmly with your hand. Allow the jacket to sit for approximately 10 minutes after applying the patch. Allow the Fabri-Tac to dry completely for 24 hours before washing.

Step 5

Thread a needle with a matching color thread and sew the edges of the patch onto the ski jacket. This step is optional.


Before applying an iron-on patch with Fabri-Tac, it is recommended that you pre-wash fabric to remove sizing before applying the patch. Test on a sample first. Keep applicator covered when not in use and do not delay in bonding as it dries quickly. Work in small increments for best bond results. Can be thinned with small amounts of acetone. Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the tip of the applicator to avoid strings. Store upright in a cool environment and for best results apply at room temperature.


When applying Fabri-Tac do not use varnished wood or furniture as work surfaces. Fabri-Tac is flammable, so do not store it near heat, spark or a flame.


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