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The Best Sleds for Adults

Updated on November 10, 2013

Among my favorite memories is sliding down that HUGE hill!

Like most kids, I thought I was invincible. My driveway was a long one with two huge hills. My favorite winter activitiy was sledding down these huge hills - both before and after they were plowed. After they were plowed, they often iced over, and I was probably taking my life into my hands. I remember one time going down it knowing that I couldn't stop and couldn't steer.

Now as I revisit my childhood memories, I look forward to sledding in a sled meant for adults, and in particular, one that can steer!

I've featured below some of the best sleds for grown-ups. I'm sure you'll find one that you just have to have!

Buy a Sled that Steers - This is described as "The Best Sled Ever"

This thing rocks. One reviewer says that if they had this thing when they were a kid, they probably would never have taken up skiing!

It has built-in steering, which allows for 180 degree turns and quick stops. I sure needed this when I was a kid.

Mountain Boy Sledworks Ultimate Flyer 52-Inch Sled
Mountain Boy Sledworks Ultimate Flyer 52-Inch Sled

"These things are fantastically fast, very well-built, and totally controllable with the steering. Beats anything I had as a kid!! " - Amazon Customer Review


Multi-Person Snow Sled for Adults - This 6-Foot Toboggan can hold up to 600 pounds!

Mountain Boy Sledworks Mountain Boggan 6-Foot Toboggan
Mountain Boy Sledworks Mountain Boggan 6-Foot Toboggan

This tobaggan is well made. The wood planks are 1/2" thick. This is also a big tobaggan - about 17" wide and 15" tall at the curl. Check out this beauty! A great family activity :) Or, if you'd rather, you can make tobogganing an adults-only winter sport!


Looking for a Cheap Snow Sled? - Buy this 3 Pack of Sleds - Great for Sled Racing

These are large & sturdy enough for adults.

These appear simple, but they get the job done. Get whizzing down the hills on these!

Flexible Flyer Lightning 3-Pack Snow Sleds. 48” Plastic Sno Slider Bobsleds
Flexible Flyer Lightning 3-Pack Snow Sleds. 48” Plastic Sno Slider Bobsleds

"Really loved Amazon here-- the forecast called for a lot of snow. Everybody hit the local stores across several days trying to find sleds for their kids, but I just ordered this pack of three sleds for my three kids and, being an Amazon Prime member, had it overnighted for $4. The sleds showed up on time, and the kids had a blast. My older two used them for three days and gave them the thumbs up. The sleds were fast and very sturdy, standing up to even my 200 pound self sledding with my youngest with no signs of wear or flimsiness. " - Amazon Customer Review


Winter Sports are Fun! - I love to get out in the snow... do you?

What's your favorite winter sport?

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    • Loretta L profile image

      Loretta Livingstone 

      5 years ago from Chilterns, UK.

      I didn't even start tobogganing 'til I hit my 40s as, until them I didn't live anywhere with hills! Now I love, love, love it! I have a snowbird deluxe with brakes and steering. Not that I can reach the best hills with it, as when we have snow they are unreachable for me (I have M.E and can't climb them) so I have to make do with the gentler slopes! But I also love watching bobsleigh. It is great to see the British team doing so well. I have actually written a whole section of verse about winter sports in my book, "Hopes, Dreams and Medals" and I must have done something right, as many winter sports professionals are following me on twitter.

    • catbehaviors profile image


      7 years ago

      I don't see why you would have to stop sledding when your an adult! Great selection of sleds. I would love one that I could steer. :)


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