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Sleeping Bags for Girls

Updated on May 15, 2011

Find the Right Sleeping Bag

Do you know how to find the right sleeping bag? If you're looking for a girl's sleeping bag, do you run to the cute bags with the princesses on them? Do you need to look for something else? Should you buy an adult bag? Before making a sleeping bag purchase, you need to think about what the sleeping bag is going to be used for, and how long you want to go before replacing the bag.

They make a lot of cute sleeping bags for girls, but if you get the wrong bag, your child might end up freezing in the cold. Take a look at these sleeping bags and make the right decision.

The Disney Princess Sleeping Bag, pictured here, makes a great indoor bag, but is probably not appropriate for camping.

Disney Princess Bag for Indoor Use
Disney Princess Bag for Indoor Use

What Temperature Bag Should You Get?

Some of the sleeping bags listed have temperature ratings listed. The ratings are given by the manufacturer, and are meant to be a guide to help you find out what bag is best for you. Most people should be comfortable in bags that go down to that temperature rating, although most experts say to get a bag that is 10 to 15 degrees below the temperature that you expect to be sleeping in. You never know when the temperature might drop unexpectedly.

That being said, the bag your girl will be comfortable sleeping in it varies, based on a variety of factors. Manufacturer's vary in how they rate their bags. People's comfort level also will vary. I personally like to cover myself in lots of blankets and get cold very easily. In the summer at my house, I usually only sleep under a sheet, but I live in Phoenix and keep my house at about 87º during the summer. In the winter, I sleep under about four blankets. I spent a very cold night in a 50ºF rated sleeping bag on the beach one summer. For my next camping trip, I am considering getting a colder rated bag.

If you're just buying a bag for a girl to take to a slumber party, then you can buy one of the bags that don't have a temperature rating. Unless, of course, they keep their house really cold, and your girl is spending the night there in the winter.

Indoor Only Bags

These bags are best for indoor use only. They will probably not keep you warm for outdoor camping.

Disney Princess Sleeping Bag

Disney Princess Slumber Duffle Bag
Disney Princess Slumber Duffle Bag

Looking for a stylish bag to take to your next slumber party? This Disney Princess bag is great to take along, especially if your little girl loves the princesses. It is a great bag for girls who love Disney Princesses, but this polyester bag is probably best for indoor slumber parties, and not on outdoor camping trips.


Love and Peace Sleeping Bag

Snow Leopard Reversible Sleeping bag Set
Snow Leopard Reversible Sleeping bag Set

This is a great sleeping bag to take on trips to friend's houses, especially if you're shopping for a girl who doesn't care for pink. This cotton bag with polyester fill is good for indoor situations, but may not be warm enough for outdoor camping.


Sunny Patch Molly Sleeping Bag

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Mollie Ladybug Sleeping Bag With Matching Storage Bag
Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Mollie Ladybug Sleeping Bag With Matching Storage Bag

This sleeping bag is really cute, based on Melissa and Doug's Sunny Patch theme. This polyester bag will keep your little girl snug as a bug in a rug. A temperature rating is not available for this bag; I would recommend this bag for indoor use.


Summer Bags

These bags will keep you warm in the summer, but may not work as well in cold weather.

Woodland Block Sleeping Bag

Slumberjack Woodland Block 40-Degree Youth Sleeping Bag
Slumberjack Woodland Block 40-Degree Youth Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag will keep most kids warm down to 40ºF, which will be great for most summer camping. If you're shopping for a girl that doesn't like pink, this may be a good choice. It comes with a matching pillow.


Lightning Bug Sleeping Bag

Eureka!  Kids Lightning Bug 45-Degree Sleeping Bag
Eureka! Kids Lightning Bug 45-Degree Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag will keep most girls warm to 45 degrees, which will be good for many summer nights, but may not be appropriate for colder evenings. This purple and pink bag will fit girls up to 4'11" tall. It weighs less than 3 pounds.


Coleman Purple Sleeping Bag

Coleman Fairmont Sleeping Bag (Purple)
Coleman Fairmont Sleeping Bag (Purple)

This Coleman bag is really pretty, and it will keep most kids warm in temperatures as low as 50ºF. It will accommodate people up to 5' 11" tall, so even teen girls will be able to use this bag. This bag would work great for warm summer nights and camping trips in trailers. If you're camping outside on a cold night, even in the summer, it may not be enough, especially if you're the kind of person that likes to pile on the blankets at home.


Cold Weather Bags

These bags should keep people warm in most weather, although perhaps not if you're camping on ice.

Ladybug Sleeping Bag

Eureka!  Kids Lady Bug 30-Degree Sleeping Bag
Eureka! Kids Lady Bug 30-Degree Sleeping Bag

If you need to take your kid camping where the temperature might drop, you might want to check out this bag. It is rated to 30ºF+, so it should be able to keep most girls warm for most of the camping season (although maybe not for winter camping). This is a kid-sized bag; teens will probably need to look for a bigger bag.


Slumberjack Girl Scout Bag

Slumberjack Girl Scout Synthetic Sleeping Bag
Slumberjack Girl Scout Synthetic Sleeping Bag

You don't have to be a girl scout to like this sleeping bag. This bag is rated to 30ºF, which will make it great for outdoor camping in most weather (probably not winter camping). Girls up to 5'5" will fit into this bag (and short adults like me). It's got a great pink color too.

15 Degree Sleeping Bag
15 Degree Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes Porcupine Jr. Sleeping Bag

Looking for a bag that will withstand the cold, even for some winter camping? This Big Agnes Porcupine Jr. Sleeping Bag will keep kids warm in temperatures down to 15ºF. That's cold enough even for most winter camping. Girls up to 5' tall will fit into this sleeping bag. Comes with a pillow pocket so you can stuff some of your clothes in the pocket to make a pillow.

Sierra Designs 20 Degree Bag
Sierra Designs 20 Degree Bag

Sierra Designs Dragonfly Bag

Cold weather bags can be pretty in purple. This dragonfly bag will keep most campers warm down to 20ºF. This bag has other great features like a pillow pocket and an integrated storage pocket. If you're looking for light bag, the Sierra Designs Dragonfly Bag weighs under three pounds. This bag is hooded, which will help seal in body heat.

Guide to Temperature and Sleeping Bags

Keeping Warm When Outdoor Camping

I don't recommend using an indoor bag when you're camping outdoors. However, even the outdoor bags might not be enough (as I found out in a cold summer trip that I took to the beach. If your girl is cold on a camping trip (perhaps the temperature got a little bit colder than you expected), here are some things that you can do to keep warm:

  • Put on a hat. Much of the heat escapes through the head.

  • Wear socks. A lot of your temperature escapes through your feet too.

  • Wear warmer clothes under the sleeping bag. If your girl is cold while wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, perhaps some long pants and a sweatshirt will work better underneath.

If you can afford it, don't skimp on a sleeping bag for camping. Camping when you're cold is not fun.

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