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Small Pocket Knife Reviews: Kershaw Ken Onion Chive 1600 Series

Updated on August 26, 2011

Review of the Kershaw Ken Onion Chive Pocket Knife

The Kershaw Chive is the smallest pocket knife designed by Ken Onion for Kershaw. It is an ideal small knife to carry in your pocket, excellent for ordinary everyday tasks. It has a cool, but practical design. The knife opens fast and easy with only one hand. The quality of materials is good and the finish is excellent. And Kershaw support it with a limited lifetime warranty. Positively, it is a great option for anyone searching for a small, efficient high carbon knife blade for everyday tasks.

Features and Specifications

Despite of being small the Chive has all the features that Kershaw knives have.

Speedsafe: the assisted opening system designed by Ken Onion for an easy opening of the blade. It is the highlight of the knife. You start to open the knife with the thumb stud in the blade or with the index-open system and the mechanism finishes the job for you. It is called Speedsafe because the torsion bar of the mechanism helps keep the knife closed, preventing it from being opened by "gravity."

Thumb stud: For an ambidextrous opening. For me it is a little small, you have to practice several times to open the knife with this little knob.

Tip lock: for further safety the Chive features a tip lock to prevent the knife might open accidentally in your pocket. It does not seem to be strong enough and the lock has a tendency to lock the knife on its own.

Frame Lock: When the blade is deployed the frame lock secures the blade into position. Preventing that the knife closes accidentally.

Pocket click: handy to prevent making holes in your pockets and good to improve the grip of the knife.


Blade: 420HC stainless steel, so it is a High Carbon knife

Handle: 410 stainless steel in the 1600 model

Blade Length: 1 15/16 in. (4.9 cm)

Closed Length: 2 7/8 in. (7.3 cm)

Weight: 1.9 oz.

Kershaw Chive Models

As usual the variety in these Kershaw knives is in the handle style and in the finish of the knife.

* Chive 1600 features the 410 stainless steel handle. And the blade is a 420HC stainless steel.

Kershaw Chive Knife Regular One Size
Kershaw Chive Knife Regular One Size

Chive 1600 high carbon knife

Blade Steel: 420HC stainless-steel

Handle: 410 stainless-steel


* Chive 1600CKT. The Tungsten DCL black coating makes a non-reflective surface.

K.O. Chive, Black 410 Stainless, Black Blade, Plain
K.O. Chive, Black 410 Stainless, Black Blade, Plain

Chive – 1600BLK

Steel: 420HC stainless-steel Tungsten DLC coated

Handle: 410 stainless-steel Boron-coated


* Chive – 1600BR with a 6061-T6 anodized aluminum with smoked finish handle. the photo shows the blak and red version. other colors could be Black and white, and pink

Kershaw Ken Onion Black & Red Chive Pocket Knife with Speed Safe
Kershaw Ken Onion Black & Red Chive Pocket Knife with Speed Safe

Chive – 1600BR

Steel: 420HC stainless-steel

Handle: 6061-T6 anodized aluminum with smoked finish


* Chive 1600 rainbow with its titanium oxide coating that produces a highly scratch resistant, brilliant, rainbow finish in the blade and handle.

* Chive 1600SS a 410 stainless steel handle with a polish finish.

Kershaw Ken Onion Chive Pocket Knife with Speed Safe
Kershaw Ken Onion Chive Pocket Knife with Speed Safe

Chive – 1600SS

Steel: 420HC stainless-steel with high polish finish

Handle: 410 stainless-steel highly polished


Pros & Cons of the Kershaw Chive


* It is ideal for carrying in your pocket or for using on your keychain.

* The assisted opening mechanism is fast and the knife opens in a smooth way.

* The finish of the knife is excellent and the materials are good.

* It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

* Nobody can confuse this small pocket knife with a weapon.

* The blade is razor-sharp out of the box, holds its edge for a relatively long time and it is easy to sharpen.


* Do you have big hands? Then this knife is probably too small for you.

* The tip lock, the locking mechanism to prevent accidental opening, doesn't feel sturdy.

* Thumb stud is too small almost useless if you have big hands. You have to use the index-opening system to open the knife comfortably.


All in all, I recommend these knives. Because they are small and light, you will forget that you are carrying them in your pocket and they could be perfect for using on your keychain. A great knife for light duty and hard to beat for the price.


To see more of my favorites knives visit: Best Pocket Knives for Camping and Everyday Use and Kershaw Mini Mojo 1800 knife. I also have a webpage about the Kershaw Speed Safe System.

Demonstration of the Pink Chive

Demonstration of the Chive using Index opening system after release the tip lock

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    • profile image

      mrducksmrnot 6 years ago

      nice little knife. I have one almost like it in my watch pocket on my jeans. Easy to get to and great for many many things. Love your site lens

    • sarita garg profile image

      sarita 9 years ago from Hisar

      Good work on this. Keep it up.