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Sneaky Strategies for the Paintball Sniper

Updated on October 1, 2014

Learn How To Become A BlackBelt Paintball Sniper

If you truly want to experience an adrenaline rush on the paintball field, you should consider playing in the sniper position. This position is great for players with patience who can lie in wait for the perfect shot. It's also great for those who like to be more active - tracking and hunting targets and securing the best vantage points will take some athleticism.

Awesome MilSig Sniper Paintball Marker
Awesome MilSig Sniper Paintball Marker

Learn Some New Moves and Improve Your Game!

Tips to increase your sneakiest sniper skills....

A sniper’s gear will set him apart from other positions – especially his sniper paintball gun. It should have a sniper barrel (18 inches or longer) and some sort of mid to long range scope. Other accessories like a bipod and laser sight also greatly help in this position. Camouflage clothing or a ghillie suit is ideal for enabling a sniper to blend into his environment - which is crucial.

Camouflage, ghillie suits, scopes and other fancy paintball equipment will only do so much for a sniper though. Solid strategy, planning ahead and quick thinking are essential characteristics of a successful sniper. He will have to be able to scout out the best vantage points and make split second decisions on when to shoot and the best positions to be in. The best snipers are patient and don’t mind going out alone.

There are three main approaches to playing the sniper position. A sniper can use the approach that best suits his abilities or may even use a combination of these. One strategy, flanking, involves staking out a particular target and stalking them until the moment is right to pick them off with a precision shot. This would mean sneaking, probably even crawling into position to get beside or behind the target. This approach is good for someone who likes the thrill of the hunt and can require some athleticism. A sniper who employs this strategy may need camouflage clothing that will allow for quick movement – a ghillie suit would probably not be the best idea here as it may be too bulky. An electronic trigger offering fully automatic firing would be most helpful for a forward playing sniper.

Another approach is ambushing. This involves setting yourself up at a certain spot and waiting for the opposing team to pass by. After they have passed, the sniper can pick off a great number of the opposing squad greatly reducing their presence on the field. This approach is perfect for someone with a lot of patience to silently lie in wait. A ghillie suit would be a great choice of clothing for an ambush sniper.

The third approach is similar to ambushing but from the vantage point of higher ground. This sniper still must be patient and still but from a different angle and with a slightly different overall goal. Shots will have more range when coming from a higher vantage point and this sniper will have the added advantage of a bird’s eye view of the battlefield - making it easier to spot and shoot key targets but also providing an overview of the entire game. If the opposing team’s positions and strategies are communicated properly from this perch, this sniper can be a great asset to the team.

There are also a couple of rules to remember when moving as a sniper. Any movement can give up a sniper’s position in an instant making all the time spent waiting completely wasted. As a sniper, don’t be afraid to crawl; snipers often crawl to get into position. If there is sufficient cover, a sniper can crawl quickly but if cover is thin or non-existent, a sniper must creep slowly and steadily.

Check out for a great selection of paintball sniper guns and gear. There are several pages of exclusively sniper paintball equipment in this store. For the best bargain, buy a complete set up or just upgrade your marker with sniper paintball gun accessories. This store has an awesome selection of brand name equipment and marked down, discount prices.

MilSig SRT Desert Ops Custom Sniper
MilSig SRT Desert Ops Custom Sniper

Become Lost In This Position

Get totally decked out from head to toe in sniper gear!

Your paintball experience is just not complete until you've had the chance to play the sniper for a full day. It's definitely much more fun to get totally decked out from head to toe in sniper paintball gear - I mean really play the part! Get a ghillie suit so you hide disguised as a bush; you can even purchase a ghillie suit for your marker. Make sure you choose a precision sniper paintball gun that will turn heads and lay waste. Use a bipod and high powered laser and sniper scope for serious precision accuracy. For an amazingly realistic, lightweight, extremely accurate sniper, check out the MilSig SRT Desert Ops Custom Sniper. This gun not only handles great, it's also very reliable and easy to maintain.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Great lens! I just bought a long range scope for my paintball gun. I can't wait until this weekend I am going out with a bunch of friends.