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Snowshoeing - A New Winter Tradition

Updated on October 10, 2014

It's that time of year - up here in Canada anyways - when people tend to keep cocooned indoors awaiting the warmer weather. The problem with that is the lack of exercise reduces the health condition. We've countered that by purchasing a set of modern day snowshoes. We are starting a new winter tradition.

I used to show shoe when I was a kid but they were the old bulky wooden and rawhide webbed snowshoes. The modern shoes are my with aluminum tubing and manufactured materials that require little to no maintenance. My old wooden ones required constant upkeep from caring for the harness to shellacking the lacing. Even then they where rough to walk in.

The new modern snowshoes have high tech pivoting harnesses with built in crampons for superb grip. With lighter weight and a narrower profile you can walk on snow as easy as walking on the beach. So there is no excuse not to get out and keep your health up with some winter walking.

Things to look for when buying a set of snowshoes is the size. Manufacturers rate them differently so you'll have to read the product descriptions. Don't just choose your typical body weight - you are not snow shoeing in a bathing suit - calculate your weight with your clothes and your day pack with water and food for the day. That is the way you are wanting to snowshoe.

Using poles is an important part of snowshoeing so buy your shoes with a set of poles as a package deal to reduce the cost. The poles I have can be used as walking poles in the summer as well by taking the snow basket off. That is a neat feature.

Some kits come with carrying bags that help you carry, store and protect your snowshoes. It is worth looking into.

Now you have everything. it's time to get out and get walking.


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