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Soccer Cleats

Updated on March 9, 2014

Awesome Soccer Cleats and Tips

I'm no guru for soccer cleats (I don't analyze every cleat for 5 hours), but I love the game and believe that the right cleat matters when you play the game of soccer. These are my cleats that I got recently. The yellow coloring shows others that you are really good at soccer (as well as any color other than black). These cleats also look awesome, especially on your feet. I know how difficult the transition is from one cleat to the other. Everyone experiences a small bump in the road when they change their cleats, but with the right practice, you can get new, awesome cleats and perform as good as ever at the same time!

Tip #1 For New Soccer Cleats

Don't rush to get a new soccer cleat. I know this one might seem like a shocker, but the tighter the cleat, the more powerful your kick becomes. For example, I had a pair of black and green cleats that I always wore. Then, they got too small to the point when my foot was going to extend and put a big hole into that cleat. That was when I had to make the move and get my new awesome cleats (the yellow ones above). So, use your old cleat for as long as you can, and only go one size up because if there is a big gap between your toe and the end of the cleat, then you kick will not be as powerful (unless you kick with your toe or downward with your laces) until your foot grows.

Awesome Soccer Cleats

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Tip #2 For New Soccer Cleats

Your soccer cleats must be comfortable. If you feel any kind of pain or if the cleat is too tight, then forget about it. If you were a size 9 cleat, then don't get another size 9 cleat if you are really a size 10!

Tip #3 For New Soccer Cleats

When something new is introduced, it feels weird. This is in any case. So, get used to the new soccer cleat and practice with them daily until you get the flow of your new cleats. If you buy a pair of soccer cleats before the game, then you will do disastrous for the first game because it is completely new. A new pair of soccer cleats is like a new teacher. If the teacher gives you a test before he/she teaches you the subject, then naturally you are going to bomb the test. This is the same case for soccer cleats.

Your Cleats Tell You How Good You Are In Soccer

Did you know that the color of your cleat shows others if you are good or not? Well, black cleats usually mean that you are just the average player while the colorful (especially yellow) cleats tell your opponents that you are really good in soccer. I have worn both black and colored (fancy, etc) cleats in different soccer games. With the black cleats, I felt as if I was in a group with other average people. Then, I got better and earned my colors. I started with a black-green cleat that gave a sense of feeling elite. I wasn't the best player in my state, but I felt up there. Yellow soccer cleats give me that feeling as well, but there is one disadvantage for colored cleats. I know this sounds weird, but soccer players will look down at your cleat to see your rank (yes, I said rank). If you wear a black cleat, you are saying, "Oh, I'm just average" to the other soccer players. When a soccer player spots colored cleats, those cleats scream at the player's face, "I'm awesome and one of the best!" I prefer the colored cleat to intimidate my opponents and to get more competition for the ball so that I become better. There is also an advantage to wearing black cleats. When a good soccer player wears black cleats, you could think of him as a sniper. You think he is average, but if that soccer player in black cleats is really good, then he could easily catch anyone off guard. The next time you play a game of soccer, look at the people with the colored cleats because they are usually the best.

Tip #4- Extra Pair of Socks

Always wear an extra pair of socks underneath new cleats. When you have a new cleat, there cannot be any gaps. You should have a hard time sticking your finger into your new cleat if you did a good job. I got this one from a reliable friend of mine, and it does work. I have tried this method and it has completely changed my soccer performance for the better.

How Important Are Soccer Cleats?

Soccer cleats affect your performance, speed, and power. If you feel uncomfortable in your soccer cleats, then you are going to have a bad season in soccer. If you feel cozy in your cleats while you don't have too much space left, then you will have a great season. Of course, talent also plays an important role, but cleats help out a lot.

How Do You Like The Soccer Cleats? - Or Are You Just Giving Feedback?

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    • qasimalhammad profile image

      qasimalhammad 6 years ago

      Of course, they are great ones.

    • qasimalhammad profile image

      qasimalhammad 6 years ago

      Of course, they are great ones.