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60 Soccer Team Names

Updated on June 27, 2014

GOAL! Go, team, go! Soccer games are a very exciting experience, especially if you have a little star of your own shining in the game. Soccer is a very different kind of ball game, one to be played with only your feet, and using hands is considered a penalty, unless, of course, you are the goalie.

There is no mistaking that black and white ball, also known as a football in many other countries. If you think about it, it really is the true football.

Rather than fans shouting “go, team, go” what name will they be shouting? If you’re a new team, get a good name; if your current team name sucks, change it! There is no reason to have a bad team name, especially when there are so many people who would have a say in it.


Picking a team name

Whether you are a team coach, a team mom, or an adult joining an adult soccer league, a good team name is a necessary thing to have. How exactly do you come up with a good name?

Here’s some tips:

  • Consider the age group: You might think this as common sense, but make sure you aren’t naming a kids team after an alcoholic beverage. It would probably be denied as being inappropriate anyway as most leagues have rules pertaining to names.

  • Make it fun: You want people to remember your team name wherever you go, and if you have a fun team name, it will surely be a name to be remembered.

  • Keep it short: Short names will have no problems fitting on a jersey, and people will remember a short name more easily than a long one.

  • Think team colors: Make sure the name makes sense with the team colors. If you are lucky, you pick your own colors anyway. Sometimes team colors can be assigned.

  • Consider the type of league: Is it a travel league? Is it a beer league? A league just for fun? Your team name should reflect your amount of seriousness in the game, unless you feel like being totally unpredictable with your game!

If you are anything like me, then you will be scouring the internet for awesome soccer team names because these things are just hard to come up with on your own! Here is a few examples for good team names; you may use them as you wish!

Girl soccer team names:

Girl team names should say they are sweet and girly, but they mean business! Here’s some names for your little grassy lassies. (That can be a name!)

Pixie Hollow Fairies
Lollipop Kids
Wall Flowers
Girl Power
Rainbow Kids
Cheetah Girlz
Sassy Catz
Golden Girls
Gum Drops

Boy soccer team names:

Boys are rough, tough, and very buff, right? Their team names should reflect their inner man while sounding their outward brutality during game time.

Rock stars
Blue Blitzers
Thunder Cats
Screamin' Eagles

Adult soccer team names:

You can normally get away with a lot in an adult league, just make sure you check keep the name within the rules.

Smokin' Guns
Kick Ass
Mud Sliders
Whiskey Sours
Money Shooters
The Hangovers
Makin' Bacon
Stars N' Stripes
Old Fogies

Funny soccer team names:

You don’t have to be an adult to have a funny team name. Here is a few team names that are funny, and good for kids!

Twizzle Feets
Frog Legs
Zig Zaggers
Cheeze Wizz
Ziggity Dogs
Porky Piggies
Shake N' Bake
Pixie Dust
Mights Mice
Garbage Pail Kids

Something to Consider

So whether you are in the game or watching from the sidelines, make it a name worth yelling to the world!

Here is a parting tip/personal story:

Be careful about the acronyms/abbreviations of your team name. Acronyms/abbreviations can make for an embarrassing or extremely silly way for a crowd to cheer you on or boo you off.

When I was younger, there was a team whose initials were PMS, so the crowd would chanted “PMS! PMS!” Needless to say, the fans of the opposing team were crying, and not because they were losing, but because they were laughing so hard at the other team’s name!


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