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Soccer tactics 7 vs 7

Updated on October 24, 2013

Which tactics to choose when playing soccer 7 vs 7

The tactical disposition of the players on the field is always a burning issue. A good tactical plan will not make you win the game but it can contribute. The system must be thought out in terms of physical, technical and tactical players. There may be some changes during the match depending on the evolution of the score or the phases of play (offensive and defensive).

1-4-2 in soccer 7 vs 7
1-4-2 in soccer 7 vs 7

System 1 - 4 - 2

This system is particularly indicated when the opponent is superior or when one wishes to maintain an advantage to score. Defensively, there are two lateral and two central defenders. Like football at 11, the central must be comfortable in the air and strong in the tackle. They should also be understood in the work of coverage. The two sides can be compared to very low wingers retreating defensively. They must be developed physically able to participate in attacks against proposing solutions on the wings. The 2 players before the defense must be complementary to a more defensive and the other more inclined forward. They must be quick to take advantage of space created by the high position of the opposing team.

1-3-3 soccer 7 vs 7
1-3-3 soccer 7 vs 7

1 - 3 - 3

Defensively, there are 2 full backs and a central defender. It is preferable that it is free from any indications in order to intervene to cut off enemy attacks on the sides. The two sides should tighten the focus and be able to make offensively in proposing solutions to support the attackers. In attack, there are two attackers close outlying lines capable of dribbling them vis-à-vis and send good centers. The striker should have a good set of head and be able to play in rebate. The 3-purpose offensive players must be willing to provide defensive efforts to confuse opposing reminders. They should also all be able to conclude an action. This is a very simple system to implement and requiring no great tactical knowledge.


1 - 3 - 2 - 1

Defensively, there are 2 full backs and a central defender. This must be comfortable in the air and have a good game play to counter enemy attacks. The two sides must prevent attacks from the wing and be able to climb to propose solutions to the sides. In the middle are two players with complementary roles. A defensive oriented field sweeps across the width to the defense. The other is more forward and be able to remove players to create the danger. The attacker is lonely and needs to be selfless. He must have good ball retention, namely playing in rebate and have good physical qualities to harass opposing defenders during phases of raises.

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