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60 Softball Team Names

Updated on July 10, 2014

Softball: I’m not sure where they got that name from, but if you have ever been hit by a softball, you would know it is anything but soft.

Going into the sport, you should know that you need to be tough and always on your toes, because mistakes will happen, and you will get hurt.


Get Ready Team

If you are forming a team, having a tough mentality isn’t enough; you will need a tough name to show how tough your softball team is and that you mean business! This is not something that should be thought about lightly, either. It is probably a wise idea to wait until you have your team set, and then name the team that is something suitable to everyone’s personalities.

Here’s some additional tips for coming up with softball team names:

  • Use sport terms: Using things related to the sport in your teams name is just an appropriate thing to do.

  • Use puns: With all of the softball terms, comes a whole new world of puns. Proceed with caution and make sure it is appropriate according to your league’s rules.

  • Be creative: Avoid team names that have been knowingly used in the league already. You don’t want to seem unoriginal!

  • Use your sponsor: If your team has a sponsor who is helping to pay for the team to play, make sure to give them a fair mention in the name!

  • Skills: If anyone on your team has any special skills, use it to inspire a name for the team. After all, those skills will be utilized for your whole team!

  • Use stats: If your team played a previous year and did particularly well, such as getting 1st place in the league, name the team something that says you’re #1, the champs!

Now that you have a few tips to go by, how about exploring some softball team names? Here’s a list of 60 names for softball teams:

The Boys

Boy teams should especially sound tough so keep this in the back of your mind when thinking of names, and the perfect one will strike you!

Mach 3
Homerun Homies
Third Base Out
Snake Strikers
Snips and Snails
Mean Business
Buddy Cubs
Grandslam Jammers

The Girls

Girl team names need to sound like they mean business with a twist of girly. Girls rule!

Dugout Divas
Air Force Angels
Pink Ladies
Hot Tamales
Vicious Delicious
Rockford Peaches
Balls and Bows
Butter Flyball
Field Mice
Twinkle Toes
Flirting on First
Sugar and Spice
Glamour Girls
BooBoo Kitties

Adult Co-ed

Yes, adults play softball too and will need some fun names to play with, so here’s a list of team names for adults!

Hard Hitters
Beer Me
Mud Sliders
Scoring for Beer
Smack it
Field Clowns
Bottleneck Bills
Base Stealers
Pro Ballers
Third Base Fun
Strike Out
Hard Balls

Funny Names

Funny team names are always easy to remember, which is especially important when it comes to your reputation on the field! Some of these are appropriate for kids, while others, not so much.

Now UC Me
Chicken Legs
Sandlot Swingers
4 Balls 1 Bat
First Base Flirts
Hit 4 Brains
Muffin Toppin' Dream Team
Cereal Killers
Sexy Swingers
The Bees Knees
Y Knot
Smile n' Say Sleaze

Choose Your Team Name

Once you think of a few good names, coach, write them down and take a team vote; it’s only fair because they will be the ones who will be sporting the names on their shirts.

Choosing a name “Lollipops” for men may or may not be a great idea, you won’t know how your team feels about a potential name until you ask.

Once you do all decide on a good team name, collect your uniform fees and see how great that new names looks on those new team shirts!

Seal the deal with an all-hands-in “Go (TEAM NAME)!”

Olympic College Softball "Call Me Maybe" Remix


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