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Specialized bikes, Fox and RockShox 2012

Updated on September 25, 2015

This years Eurobike show which was hosted in a small city in southern Germany showed us many new things for the next season in bike industry. Show in which the elite bike companies geather and puts on display their newest inventions and solutions. If you are a bicycle enthusiast you should't miss this show. This time let's take a look what Specialized, Fox and RockShock prepared us for next year.

Specialized 2012

Specialized ridden by professional rider Matt Hunter has profoundly changed it's range of product of 29 inch wheelers and has also add three new series. These are Carve, Jett and Fate. Carve is a lower positioned model mainly focused for man, while other two models mainly for women. Jett is a 29 inch bike designed primarily for recreational use and Fate is ​​in every word a racing bike and is made from FACT carbon, and it's in the same level as Stumpjumper HT model series. Full suspension Epic has lost a few grams and get better suspension Brain. Brain will be also available in the RockShox SID fork, which will be specifically made for Specialized. Camber presented last year will also be produced in 29 inch version, the frame will be available in carbon fiber edition. Renewed Stumpjumper FSR is the first bike that will have AUTOSAG feature which allows automatic setting of the optimum rear shock absorber pressure.

Specialized Carrve Expert 29er 2012
Specialized Carrve Expert 29er 2012

In the road bikes section a new Tarmac SL4 and Venge models definitely attract the most interest. The first model maintains the basic features of SL3, only the head frame and the top tube has been changed and also it's lighter and stronger in paddling, when the Venge will be finally available to ordinary crowds.

They also refreshed Allez models, which now has carbon front fork and "oversized" crank systems, new features also has a frame for Shiv chronometer. Specialized has also updated models for ladies, new is S-Works Amira SL4, while carbon Ruby is only cosmetic upgrades and aluminum Dolce endowed with a new head frame and strong lower frame tube.

SW Tarmac SL4 2012
SW Tarmac SL4 2012
Fox 34 FLOAT 29
Fox 34 FLOAT 29

Fox 2012

Fox does not rest at all and they are way up into the world of 29 inch wheels. They have launched on a series of 34 to 34 mm submersible tubes, 140 millimeters of travel and a 15 mm axle forks. Kashima coating has been also used on the rear suspension. New is also the co-operation with seals and SKF bearings masters. As a dessert, we also need to mention a new corporate design of the forks. The set of products will now be splited into three segments, Factory (competition an racing grade), Performance (demanding users) and Evolution (versions that are more affordable).

RockShox 2012

The gravitational Boxxer forks are lighter. Weight are reduced by coating Keronite (used in the aerospace industry). It replaces the color painting because it's lighter and more resistant. There are new Mission Control DH dampers, which are hidden inside the fork for better response to smaller shocks. Also new is the SID XC fork 29, which was already seen at this year's World Cup races ridden by Sauser and Kulhavy. This fork will be soon available with a Keronite coating. Revelation were produced for the 29 inch wheels and the fork SID (80, 100 and 120 millimeters of travel) will soon be available as all mountain fork with 140 millimeters of travel.

Monarch XX shock carbon
Monarch XX shock carbon

New is also the rear Manarch suspension that comes with a carbon body, with which they have saved a few grams, as Monarch in version XX weighs just 275 grams in dimensions of 165 x 38.

Original RockShox RS1

Always pushing things forward, RockShox released one of the first suspension forks, the RS1 in 1991. Weighing 1.4kg, the RS1 had 49mm (1.9in) travel. The alloy crown was revolutionary and the chromoly bolt-on brace helped keep the RS1 stiff. An air spring system and oil damping doesn't put the RS1 a million miles away from the forks of today.

2013 Revelation RCT3

The revelation puts out anything from 100 to 150mm of travel and waighs 1.63kg. Keeping with the times, it's available in 26in, 650B and 29in wheel size options, and there are choices of axle and steerer tube size too. The one-piece carbon crown and steerer is cutting edge, and using an air sprinig system, the Revelation's asjustable compression and reboutd damping makes set-up easy


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