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Specialized Hardrock

Updated on February 2, 2014

Bicycle manufacturers have given the year 1974 a special meaning, it is where a guy named Mike Sinyard started to import bicycle parts from Italy to the United States. By 1981 the company grew leaps and bounds and Sinyard together with his crew started to create their own components leading to the first mountain bike. The company was named Specialized Bicycle Components. The times have changed Specialized Bicycle drastically for the better now they are on the top pillars as one of the leading manufacturer of bikes in the world. Specialized Bicycles connotes extensive variations of bike designs which are available and these go out to any category whether you are a novice or a professional Specialized Bike can get you going in the right direction.

 Team Astana and Team Saxo Bank of the UCI Pro Tour is a testament to the reputation of Specialized Bicycle as they sign up the said manufacturer to a new sponsorship deal. From people who do cycling as a hobby Specialized Bicycle offers the Rockhopper and the Hardrock as a starting point or someone who has prior knowledge on mountain bikes.

These are equipment that can satisfy every hardnosed mountain bike enthusiasts. The Specialized Hardrock 2010 in particular can be seen as the most versatile product of Specialized Bicycle which is available to the consumers. It is geared on new riders who want something special out of their mountain bikes whether it is mountain trailing or just ordinary recreational riding. The exterior boasts of an alloy chassis, lightweight and durable it also comes with mechanical disc brakes. The whole product offers great value for your purchase and you could start it off by making it as an entry level bike.

If that doesn’t satisfy you then you can move up to a more sophisticated bike the Specialized Rockhopper. This is bike used to explore new territories beyond what the ordinary pavement can offer. Fun sophistication and high performance these are the qualities that make the Specialized Rockhopper the crème of the crop that can set you off a little more than your average spending on a normal mountain bike.

The body is made up of M4 alloy frame and it has an Avid Juicy hydraulic brake with a RockShox Recon fork. The list of high tech sounding descriptions are just the tip of the iceberg for a mountain bike that is considered one of the best bikes available to consumers.

Specialized Bicycle just gave you the insight on its main products but it also specializes on bike accessories and clothing which includes helmets and other safety gears. By being one of the leaders on bike manufacturing, Specialized Bicycle has managed to establish a good customer service with products that displays a reasonable price.


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