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Here are 10 most promising faces can replace the MSN or Andres Iniesta led Barcelona progress to the glorious new milest

Updated on May 10, 2016

While Barcelona has failed to defend the Championship campaign in the Champions League but that not enough arguments to get MSN trio (Messi-Suarez-Neymar) decline. The trio of attack Barca are still reigns on the peak, the number is 127 times the penalty kick the enemy grid computer until the present time of the 2015-16 season can prove it.

However, removing the rule in football is very fast and harsh. A player who last season also played brilliance, next season can turn the golden calf. Moreover, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez also about turning "hashing". So, now, Barca count for the new MSN or even the Andres Iniesta early is not new.And here is the brightest talent by Sport newspaper of choice.

1. Kingsley Coman (Bayern Munich, 20 years old)
Coman will break Bayern after this season ends. Guardiola was awarded to talented young French people the confidence to shine brilliantly. The speed and technique of Coman's treasures that every major he wanted to own.

2. Ousmane Dembele (Rennes, 19 years old)
The leg kick of Rennes attracted all the attention of Mr. big. But the 19 but this season and last year's season, Dembele are hitting 12 goals. This striker identification points on the field is extremely handy with left foot, with the most recent heart failure insurance.

3. Ross Barkley (Everton, age 23)
Midfielder Everton is the form player-owned fitness incredibly prolific. But not only that, the techniques and the ability to shot of Barkley is also very impressive. 8 goals and 8 assists in the League this season is the proof.

4. Dele Alli (Tottenham, 20 years old)
Nigerian player is emerging as one of the brightest young talents. Alli can play well both in the central midfield and households. He is the form player, comprehensive fitness fullness, basic techniques, d pimp skillfully and possesses the powerful shot.

5. Leroy Sane (Schalke, 20 years old)
Brightest young talents of German football at the present time. Horrible speed and ultra left foot of Sane is the obsession of every defense. Real Madrid was the main player of this raster grid pierced by Schalke a place pleasing melodies technology last 2 seasons.

5 the GOAL in the FUTURE
1. Thomas Lemar (Monaco, 21 years)
Tiny humanoid but extremely fast and smart, which is typical of the gameplay of Lemar. Besides, the young talent's left foot are currently also super in Monaco.

2. Jordon Ibe (Liverpool, 20 years old)
Yet there's much chance but Ibe soon left impressed by the speed and the ability to move.

3. Domenico Berardi (age 22)
One of the future stars of Italian football. Juventus made the mistake to Berardi plays for Sassuolo, the team are sixth in Serie a. Milan Currently plans to recruit "Morningstar" with the amount of 20 million euros.

4. Lucas Ocampos (Marseille, 22 years old)
But the border crossing but tournament players are capped Marseille impress the ability to finish the legs as a.

5. Nathan Redmond (Norwich, age 22)
Players of Norwich is a strange breeze in the League this season. Rich technical and speed the song played again at the Redmond too, don't obey tactically.


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