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Squash Racquet Reviews From Beginners to Experts!

Updated on November 26, 2012

Selecting & Reviewing Squash Racquets

Would you want to understand the components to seek when buying a new Squash Racquet? Being a long term Squash player I know the trials and tribulations belonging to the game. From mastering strategies to purchasing a new racquet, the sport is definitely unforgiving for rookies. If you have an interest in picking a new Racquet and are not sure of what to search for, the following will lead you to a suitable Racquet for yourself.

Squash Racquets vary in a number of ways. Whether you are a beginner or an expert this article will help you find your way! Don't know what head heavy, or headlight is? No worries! Unsure if you need a big hitter or a touch racquet? We've got you covered. Read away and feel free to drop a line!

Prince F3 Blast Squash Racquet Review
Prince F3 Blast Squash Racquet Review

Selecting a Squash Racquet

Review Squash Racquets for Yourself!

Would you like to determine the elements to look for whilst buying a new Squash Racquet? Being a long-term Squash player I know the trials and tribulations of this game. From mastering tactics to purchasing a new Racquet, the game is often merciless for rookies. If you have an interest in buying a brand new Racquet and are not sure of what to seek, these will point you to a suitable racquet for yourself.

Today we shall move through what you need to examine in any squash Racquet, even if you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced player. For most of you this will likely purely be a re-hash of what you previously appreciate, though perhaps their could be things you have not thought of previously. For learners, while all the following shall be fundamental within your verdict making criteria, the most important thing you are able to do is go to your regional squash courts and request a practice hit.

Let us begin with the Weight belonging to the Racquet.

The weight of squash Racquets differ between ~120grams and ~210grams. For the most part Racquets fall into a range of 140-170 grams (strung). The lighter squash Racquets will be a sign of a cutting edge technology & materials have been utilised in its construction, this habitually contributes to an increase in price.

Lighter Racquets are correct for three sorts of players. Juniors, women and 'touch' players. Juniors and girls will prefer the lighter racquet as they are faster and easier to handle and less straining. Touch players will have a preference the lighter racquets as they provide the best feel and permit for superior racquet agility. The capable players amongst us will profit the most from a lighter Racquet.

Heavier racquets however do not require the same level of dexterity and technique to become effective. The extra weight affords more force throughout a swing. This additional weight in your squash Racquet provides supplementary momentum in the swing which implies that a players shot is less prone to go afoul. This is an excellent thing for beginner to intermediate players who intend to boost their over all game and intensify their confidence with more consistent shots.

The Poise of your Squash Racquet varies substantially in where their center of balance lies. A Racquet is either head heavy, head light or neutral. Neutral is what almost all people favor, and the other alternatives generally suggest an inferior poise and inferior design. Squash Racquets that feel heavy are generally head heavy. Racquets that feel powerless are generally head light. The only true way to acquire an idea of how a Racquet is balanced is to try it out. Get to the local squash courts and try before you buy!

The Rigidity belonging to the Racquet is dependent upon the design of the Racquet, the materials used in the racquet as well as strings. Stiffer Racquets typically provide a higher degree of precision and increased power however need literally a better grasp and a grasp of squash techniques. Racquet stiffness is often a personal choice. If you find that you regularly find sore, hurt hands or tired fore arms, experiment with using a softer, less rigid Racquet. As well adjoin a quantity of softer grip tape.

The Shape of the Racquet Head is a crucial point when picking out a Racquet for a beginner and a racquet for the experienced player. A hard and quick rule is larger racquet heads bestow a more dependable and dominant shot. Dependable shot means you will see fewer 'faulty' shots thanks to an increase in the margin of error, nonetheless not necessarily an increase in accuracy.

Racquet Strength and sturdiness is affected by craftsmanship, build material and player! While countless manufacturers make use of all kinds of fancy materials now days, the key to a racquet lasting a very long time is left to the player. Many solid blows to the wall or to the ground can make brief work of nearly all squash Racquets. Although it is becoming common place that titanium racquets do not last very long. Besides this, by sticking to most of the standard squash racquet manufacturers (Head, Dunlop, Prince, etc.) the durability of your Racquet ought to be a moot point.

Stock Squash Racquet Grip can also be a moot aspect. For a few dollars it is possible to improve your grip straight away and build it up into the thickness as well as feel which you require. Play with this because the grip creates a really considerable change to your capability to regulate the Racquet!

If you would like to understand further about squash racquet technology, techniques and read critical reviews of squash Racquets a suggested site is this Squash Racqueteering website.

Try, Before You Buy is a motto that I live by whilst considering a new racquet. The one real way to work out whether or not that expensive new racquet is for you is by means of taking it for a hit down at any local courts. If you want to understand further on the subject of choosing Squash Racquets, you'll want to visit decent web-articles for instance: Choosing a Squash Racquet.

Thanks for reading!

Beginner Squash Racquet Recommendation - Prince Squash Starter Kit

New to squash and want to try it out with as little fuss as possible? This kit will help you on your way.

Beginner-Intermediate Squash Racquet Recommendation - Prince TT Sovereign

The Prince TT Sovereign is a great racquet if you have been playing for a few months using hire gear and are ready to step up your game!

Prince TT Sovereign Prestrung Squash Racquet
Prince TT Sovereign Prestrung Squash Racquet

The Sovereign maximises power and control in each shot and is a very flexible racquet (not literally) in terms of who can use it. Novices will quickly enjoy the ease of use they get out of it and experts will find its nuances make it a great back up racquet. The triple threat tungsten frame has strengthened points at three crucial places. It is a very well balanced frame and it will definitely improve your game and growth quickly if you choose to upgrade to it.

Other details include an innovative Power Ring design that provides longer, more uniform string lengths, a more consistent response, and greater power; a high-performance Wall Glider bumper, which offers a low-friction polymer to protect the frame; and a comfortable cushion fit grip.


Intermediate Squash Racquet Recommendation - Head Flexpoint 130

The Head Flexpoint 130 is a step up from the TT. It is still a good racquet if you are fairly new as it will end up lasting you a long long time! You'll really get to grow into this racquet. The only things you will want to replace over the years will be the grip and strings!

Head Flexpoint 130 Squash Racquet
Head Flexpoint 130 Squash Racquet

The Head Flexpoint 130 features Head's 'Flexpoint' Technology. It refines it's power through control. It is a well balanced racquet which defies traditional logic of becoming more and more stiff. It uses a hole and dimple lay out to allow additional flex at the crucial 3 and 9 o'clock positions while still retaining both strength and stiffness. The flex means that the racquet gives a great feel, whether you are trying to put the ball through the wall or requiring a fine touch into the corner. It'll do both with ease! A seriously fun bit of kit to try out. Highly recommended!

WEIGHT: 130 grams


BALANCE: 33.5 cm/Even


Advanced Squash Racquet - Prince Triple Threat Sovereign

Gooooood Evening!

Here we have the Prince Triple Threat Tungsten Sovereign up for our one and only Squash Racquet Review! What a mouth full right? With a name so conducive for oral mishaps it's gotta be good right?

Well, the proof is in the pudding with the Prince Triple Threat Tungsten Sovereign Squash Racket in use by Prince's professional players for many years. The racquet has a solid feel with a great mix of power and control. Not the biggest hitter of the pack, but its punch is big enough without affecting its fantastic sense of control. The string pattern & tension from stock has been improved since it's predecessors which has made for a nice improvement in play and sturdiness.

To give an overview of what the triple threat system is since it applies to all three sizes of the racquet. The triple threat line of frames has titanium/carbon braids in the 2 o'clock and 10 o'clock positions along with at the base of the handle. What this does is provide a special weighting system that increases stability and control and decreases vibration.

Some of the Specifications: Composition/Construction:

Graphite Extreme Triple Threat w/ Tungsten

Headsize: 484cm/75

Length: 27

Grommet Technology: Double Barrel Grommet.

Frame Technology: Triple Threat w/Tungsten Power Scoop Shaft.

Grip Type: Cushion Fit.

Beam Width: 20-18mm.

String Pattern(Mains X Crosses): 16X17.

Recommended String Tension: 22-32lbs.

Weight Strung: 145g/(5.1 oz.).

Prince Recommended String: Sweet Perfection 17

Misc: Power Scoop Shaft Wallglider Bumper Power Ring.

Now before we continue I suppose I should explain what a "Power Ring" is.

In the words of Prince themselves, the Power Ring is "Innovative and patented racquet design where all main strings wrap around an inverted ring. This provides longer, more uniform string lengths for more consistent response and greater power in a more durable frame."

In layman's terms, the strings wrap around the throat of the frame. No Grommets are used like other frames. The system increases the feel of the string bed and provides a larger sweet spot which in turn creates less vibration on miss hits. In conjunction with this, the Prince Wallglider bumper provides added confidence when striking the ball near to the walls which essentially is what helps to make this squash racquet a sturdy and resilient frame to the hardships (walls and floors!) of the game. With the increased interest in power hitting with this racquet the the Power Scoop shaft design absorbs both wall and floor impacts for added comfort and durability. Handy right?

To finish off, I at first thought that this squash racquet would be reviewed in a few short words of: 'Great racquet for beginners due to its massive and forgiving hitting power'.

Seriously, if you want to embarrass your friends in a 'who can hit the hardest' competition, get this racquet. It's ability and ease at which it produces is phenomenal. A lot of fun, and this is very good for beginner to intermediate players who are looking for some confidence and command in their shots.

Now, on second thought, I gave this racquet a few months of play on and off. I kept being drawn back to it due to its immense power and comfortable feeling in my hand. My game simplified into longer rallies of wall drives, which, once I realised, had dramatically begun to wear down my opponents gave me a fantastic opportunity to work on the finesse and kill shots in my game.

Update: And this is where I've found this racquet shines again. It's got a very attractive amount of finesse and 'touch'. As I said, I can wear down my opponents with good long accurate wall drives. After a game or two most players are puffed out. This is where the touch comes in. If you have the skill you can really use this racquet well by doing fantastic drop shots, nicks and nice low boasts. Experiment with this racquet, you'll be impressed. I've even found that I can pull off rollercoaster's (side wall, front, side wall and out the back).

So overall, this racquet is very much an all rounder for intermediate players to experts, I would say everyone will enjoy and learn from using this racquet. If there was one issue that I have, it is the price. Originally these racquets could only be had for over $200!! Still, I have noticed prices drop significantly, particularly with new year models coming out. Amazon dropped their price down to $115… Which I believe they have dropped it further down to $89. Ridiculous! I can't find it for that price at any of the clubs near me.

None the less, if you are after one hell of a squash racquet for a decent price, it is very difficult to go past the Prince Triple Threat Sovereign.

You can see my original review on this racquet from about 18 months ago on (no link for this one). The update above is since I started using it. I still use this racquet today. Get it. That's all. :)

Caring for your Squash Racket

Caring Costs Less!

Already Ladies and Gents, so you have a nice shiny new racket, now is a good time that you learn how to take care of it!

Here are a number of tips to ensure that your new squash racquet lasts the distance! (We'll worry about your legs lasting the distance later on!)

Numero Uno! - You'r racquet isn't design to cope with extreme temperatures or sun exposure. The worst area that they will see these things is on your car seat. DO NOT leave your racquet in your car. Even in the trunk if it is experiencing extreme temperature differentials day after day your poor racquet will crack a lot sooner then it normally would. To reiterate... Don't leave your racquet in your car!

Numero Dos! - USE YOUR RACQUET COVER. It helps protect it from day to day damage. That extra bit of cushioning can help protect it from bumps and hits and scratches.

Take care of your racquet and it will take care of you!

Squash Racquet Links

Check out the following useful resources:

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Mid Point Squash Game Photo
Mid Point Squash Game Photo

Awesome Squash Game!

Squash Racquet Manufacturers

A list of some of the Main Squash Racquet Manufacturers. They are well known for good reason!

Favourite Squash Racquet Brands

Tell us what you think! What is your favorite Squash Racquet Brand?

What is your favorite Squash Racquet Brand

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Squash Racquet Requests

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      5 years ago

      Pretty comprehensive comments for the beginner and even through to intermediate player. Nice work :) Would be interesting to touch on stringing and how the personality of the racquet can change quite a bit depending string selection and how you tweek the tension. Could probably create a lens just for that... now there's an idea!!

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      6 years ago

      Prince O3 silver, Prince Exorebel

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