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Stadium Seating

Updated on February 3, 2015

Best Stadium Seating for Sports Events

We love watching our favorite sports teams live, however bringing your own stadium seating can make a drastic improvement to your overall comfort and enjoyment of the game. Many stadium seats and bleachers are cold, flat, hard and backless.

Whether you are at a Little League game, Volleyball, Swim Meets or a College Football, you can bring your own padded, portable stadium seat or bleacher chair. Choose between simple sturdy designs, or larger bleacher chairs with arms rests, pockets and cup holders.

Choosing the Best Stadium Seat

There are several features to consider when purchasing a bleacher or stadium chair. Your comfort during a long game will vastly increase your enjoyment of the game, so take the time to consider what will make you most comfortable sitting on the bleachers.

Here are a few things to consider:

Width Some bleacher seats come in both a standard width as well as wide. Consider your body size and which would suit you better. One reviewer enjoyed a wider seat although she didn't need it, because it had a little more "give" and therefore allowed her to recline slightly.

Back Height The standard for stadium seat back height is approximately 14 inches, however some stadium seats are offered with a higher back. A higher back may be more comfortable for some people, especially those with back issues.

Weight Some stadium seats weigh in at about 2 pounds while others are a more significant 6 pounds. Often the heavier construction provides stronger support, however if you will have trouble lugging your seats a long way to the bleachers this may be a problem.

Safety Straps If you are worried about the stadium seat falling backwards or falling off the bleacher you might want to consider a model with a strap and buckle to go around the bleacher for added security. Other models have an "L" shaped metal clip that secures onto the bleacher. This might be especially important for children who move around a lot and are lightweight.

Simple Yet Practical Bleacher Seats

If you want a good sturdy bleacher chair with a moderately high back support, padded cushion and simple design these are the stadium seats for you. Nothing fancy, no extra accessories, just the comfort you need during a game.

Markwort Patented Deluxe Wide Model Stadiumchair (Maroon)
Markwort Patented Deluxe Wide Model Stadiumchair (Maroon)

Rated four and a half stars with over 100 reviews. With a sturdy design, thick seat padding and a good back support this bleacher seat will give you added comfort for your back and bottom during games. Simple, practical, strong design. Slightly heavy.


Stadium Seat with Arm Rests

If you are looking for even more comfort during a game and would prefer bottom, back and arm support then consider these portable stadium chairs.

Stansport Folding Stadium Seat with Arms, Blue (19- X17- X5.5-Inch)
Stansport Folding Stadium Seat with Arms, Blue (19- X17- X5.5-Inch)

This stadium seat has a padded back and cushion bottom, a hook for securing to the bleacher in the front and a pocket on the back. Folds flat for easy carrying to and from the game.

Picnic Plus Stadium Seat with Arms, Straps to Bench & Bleachers- Maroon Burgundy Crimson
Picnic Plus Stadium Seat with Arms, Straps to Bench & Bleachers- Maroon Burgundy Crimson

Padded back and cushions will give you added comfort during a game. This bleacher chair also has arm support and pockets for drinks or phones. It folds flat and has a shoulder strap for easy portability.


Stadium Seating - More Things to Consider

Construction Consider how well made your stadium seat is. The stronger the construction, the more sturdy the seat, and back will be. If you back needs strong support make sure the seat is well constructed.

Padding How much padding do you want to be sitting on. Obviously the more padding the more comfortable your bottom will be!

Cup Holders Do you want a cup holder in your stadium seat?

Portability Some of the larger bleacher chairs fold flat and have a shoulder strap for easy portability, while smaller ones just have a simple strap for carrying by hand. What else will be you carrying? Will you need a shoulder strap to keep your hands free?

World's Largest Stadium

Did you know that the world's largest stadium is the Indianapolis Speedway? It holds 250,000 people!

Bleacher Chair with Cup Holder


This bleacher seat will provide you with the comfort you want and added functionality with arm rests and cup holders. Hooks clip it securely to the bleacher.


Interesting Stadiums of the World

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Beijing's Bird Nest built for the 2008 Olympics"The Quarry" Braga, Portugal Float at Marina Bay, Singapore's Olympic Stadium
Beijing's Bird Nest built for the 2008 Olympics
Beijing's Bird Nest built for the 2008 Olympics
"The Quarry" Braga, Portugal
"The Quarry" Braga, Portugal
The Float at Marina Bay, Singapore
The Float at Marina Bay, Singapore
Munich's Olympic Stadium
Munich's Olympic Stadium

What game are you watching from the bleachers? - Have you found a comfortable bleacher seat?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I like the one with the cup holder, comfortable and practical.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great Lense

    • tonyaalves3 profile image


      5 years ago

      I just purchase one last week and all I can say, they are very comfortable


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