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Stamina 55-1610 InMotion E1000 Elliptical Trainer

Updated on June 17, 2015

Stamina 55-1610 InMotion E1000 Elliptical Trainer Review

The Stamina 55-1610 InMotion E1000 Elliptical Trainer suitable for the new to slightly more advanced level exerciser. It provides a low impact cardio workout that will burn around the same amount of calories as jogging, without putting stress on the back, hips, knees and ankles.

Coming in a colour choice of black, green or orange with matt chrome, it weighs just 24lbs and measures 24" x 20" x 12". Though small, the Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer is strong and being constructed of solid steel, it is very durable. Due to its compact size, very little space is needed to house this elliptical trainer and because it is light, moving the trainer will not be a problem if this is required.

The Stamina Elliptical Trainer is fitted with an adjustable tension control knob which allows the workout intensity to be set to a level that suits the individual user.

Equipped with an electronic monitor which tracks exercise duration, number of steps and calories burned during workouts, the Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer has non-slip pedals which ensure the user's feet stay firmly in place during even the fastest paced workout.

Keep reading for more info on this great little elliptical trainer!

The Stamina 55-1610 InMotion E1000 Elliptical Trainer - Get it Here!

Stamina InMotion E1000 Compact Strider
Stamina InMotion E1000 Compact Strider

This sturdy for its size elliptical trainer has adjustable tension and it won't encroach upon your space.

My friend has one of these which I've used on a number of occasions. I consider it to be very good value for money.

Its lack of arms threw me a little in the beginning, but once I got the hang of it I didn't miss them. In fact, whenever I use it now I swing my arms. This gives them a workout, it burns more calories, and it helps me stay balanced.


Stamina Elliptical Machine Pros & Cons


  • Low Price:

While the Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer may not have all of the fancy features of higher priced elliptical trainers it is very functional and extremely affordable.

  • Adjustable Tension:

Unlike a lot of other budget priced elliptical trainers, the resistance level on the Stamina InMotion E1000 can be adjusted. This makes it equally suitable for a beginner or more advanced exerciser.

Having adjustable resistance also means the setting can be changed throughout the workout as desired, selecting less resistance if you need a bit of a breather and cranking up the intensity when you feel you can go a little harder.

  • Compact:

The design of this machine is different to some other elliptical trainers in that it doesn't come with arms or a front console. As a result, the trainer can be stored in a closet, under a bed or in any other small available space.

  • Quiet:

Another plus of this elliptical machine is that it makes next to no noise when in use. This means you can use it without disturbing any other people who are in the house, and it can be used when others are sleeping without you having to worry about waking them.


  • Range Of Motion:

One con of the Stamina Elliptical Trainer is its range of motion. While it will provide a challenging workout for the beginner to intermediate level exerciser, it cannot match the range of motion of top of the line or gym quality elliptical machines.

  • Balance:

Anyone who is used to exercising on an elliptical machine with support arms will probably find it a little difficult to balance on this elliptical trainer at first. While it won't take long to get used to working out this way, it's a good idea to place the trainer near a wall or other stable object for the first few workouts, by which stage you should be accustomed to this new way of exercising.

The Stamina 55-1610 Elliptical Trainer - Summary

For a budget priced elliptical trainer, the Stamina InMotion Elliptical has a lot going for it. It's quiet, it provides a very effective workout, and being small it can easily be packed away between workouts.

While it may not have some of the fancy features that can be found on more expensive elliptical trainers and it doesn't have as great a range of movement as these, it is excellent value for money, so don't let the machine's lack of arms put you off. My balance is so bad I can't even ride a bike, but after five or ten minutes into my workout on this trainer I got into a rhythm and had no trouble at all balancing.

With 1,672 purchaser reviews having been left on Amazon for the Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer as I write this review, it has an overall star rating of 3.9 out of a possible 5. Not bad at all for a little machine that works well and costs so little. Check it out if you're in the market for a reasonably priced elliptical trainer that does the job!

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      FatLossDiva 5 years ago

      @michalk lm: Surprisingly, they don't require as much effort as one would imagine for the amount of calories they burn.

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      michalk lm 5 years ago

      this looks exhausting