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How to choose the best surf casting rods

Updated on June 27, 2013

What makes the best surf casting rods?

Good surf casting rods are needed if you want to catch fish in the surf. I like all different types of fishing, however I have to admit that surf fishing is amongst my favorite types of angling.

There is something special about the beach and the ocean and there is nothing better than standing on the sand, looking out to sea and watching the world go by with a baited hook in the water.

One of the best things about surf fishing is not knowing what to expect. Many different species of fish venture in to the surf to feed and there is the possibility of hooking in to any one of them. The surf is full of smaller species of fish, such as the barred surf perch or the yellow fin croaker as well as the monster fish, such as the bat ray or leopard shark, as well as everything in between. With such a large variety of fish there is a lot of excitement and anticipation with every fish hooked.

So, you want to have a go at surf fishing? The next question is what makes the best surf casting rods. After all, any old fishing pole is not going to be up to snuff and you need the right fishing equipment to get the most out of surf fishing. For all you need to know about surf fishing rods please do carry on reading and check out the rest of this page.

Tica UMGA Surf casting rods

Tica surf casting rods are awesome and are top rated surf casting fishing rods that are very popular. The Tica range is vast and the range of rods include 1 piece and 2 piece and vary in lengths from 8ft all the way through to 12 feet. The strength of the Tica range of rods varies from medium all the way through to XX-heavy. For the range of Tica surf casting rods available on Amazon click on the drop down box on this link. As you can see there are Tica surf casting rods for all situations and all budgets.

My Tica surf casting rods of choice are the 12 feet XX-heavy model and I use a pair of these surf casting fishing rods for most of my surf fishing. The Tica 12 ft XX-heavy rod has a nice through action that is perfect for chucking ut big baits and heavy sinkers a few hundred feet out in to the surf. The Tica XX-heavy rod has a lot of backbone and is perfect for beaching those monster fish that feed in the surf. If you want a pair of surf casting rods to land large sharks, bat rays and guitarfish I highly recommend you take a look at the Tica 12ft XX-heavy fishing rod.

So you want the best surf casting rods....

The features to look for

One of the most important feature of surf casting rods is strength, and boy do surf casting rods have to be strong. Don't believe me? Maybe you should consider the following.

In order to get the bait out in the surf you are going to have to cast a long way, and this requires thick fishing lines and heavy sinkers. Blasting heavy sinkers out to the horizon takes a lot of brut force, which in turn needs some tough equipment, i.e. strong surf casting fishing rods.

Believe it or not you get some pretty big fish within casting range lurking about in the surf. Sure, there are many small species that aren't going to cause too many problems but there are some large species, such as the shovel nose guitar fish (which can grow up to 5 ft) and the leopard shark (which can grow up to 7ft) and if you hook one of these you are going to need strong surf casting fishing rods to get these hard fighting fish to the shore.

Surf fishing is hard on fishing tackle, especially surf casting rods, therefore surf casting fishing rods have to be strong and tough by their nature.

As well as being strong, surf casting rods also need to be durable and hardwearing. The beach can be a harsh environment and when the wind blows you and your surf casting rods are going to get covered in sand and salt, both of which are corrosive and can damage fishing pole eyes, fishing reel seats and other metal components commonly found on surf casting fishing rods.

All good surf casting rods are long, and by long I mean 11ft to 14ft in length. In order to cast heavy sinkers a few hundred feet out in to the surf a long rod is required. Have you tried casting out a sinker with a short rod? I have, and let me tell you it is not easy. So, for effortless casting long surf casting fishing rods are needed.

Good surf casting fishing rods have a through action, which means they bend all the way from the butt to the tip, as opposed to top action rods that only bend at the tip. Surf casting rods with a through action have a lot of backbone and are very strong, which helps to get those heavy sinkers as far out in to the surf as possible.

The best surf casting fishing rods are made out of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a flexible material (which is great for through action surf casting rod) that is very strong (which is needed for hauling out those monster fish) and hardwearing. Carbon fiber rods aren't the cheapest surf casting rods available but I would always advise spending a little more money on something decent than going for the budget option and then having to replace it (often with something decent) in a few weeks. Buying cheap is false economy and ends up costing you more money in the long run, believe me as I have been there, so don't fall in to this trap.

Okuma Solaris Surf casting rods

For one of the best mid-level surf casting rods I recommend Okuma Solaris 12ft surf casting rods. Okuma are well known for making top quality products at a good price and the Solaris surf casting rod is no different.

At 12ft (which is the ideal length) and with a nice through action, the Solaris is perfect for casting heavy sinkers a long way out in to the surf. This is one tough rod that can take a lot of abuse. The Okuma Solaris is well made, tough, durable and will deal with all the sandy/windy and salty conditions of all beaches, even in the worst weathers. A weak point of many fishing poles are the eyes, but this is not the case with the Okuma Solaris. The eyes on this fishing pole are tough (and do not bend) and are securely whipped on to the blank.

The Okuma Solaris surf casting rods are nicely balanced, comfortable to use and just feel "nice", all of which results in a top surf fishing rod. Out of all the surf casting rods the Okuma Solaris series offers the best value for money and the most bang for your buck, which is why I wouldn't hesitate in recommending an Okuma Solaris surf casting rod.

How to cast a sinker a long way in to the surf

The further out in to the surf you are the more chances you have of hooking a big fish when surf fishing. Consequently, one of the key techniques you need to master is casting heavy sinkers long distances. There are several different ways to cast a sinker and in, my opinion, the pendulum cast is the best of all. If you want to cast a few hundred feet in to the surf the pendulum cast is the best way.

Explaining the pendulum cast is difficult in words and the best way is via a demonstration. If you want to see how to perform the pendulum cast correctly I recommend taking a look at this excellent demonstration courtesy of Youtube.

Abu Garcia 6500C3 reel

If you want to get your bait out as far as possible in the surf you also need a top quality surf casting reel, and they don’t come much better than the Abu Garcia 6500 C3 reel.

The 6500 C3 is a large multiplier reel with a large spool that holds a lot of heavy line, which is essential for surf fishing. The spool is pretty much frictionless and the line flies off the spool during the cast, which allows for ultra long casts. If you want to cast long distances the 6500 C3 reel is going to help you out.

Abu are well known for producing top quality fishing equipment and the Garcia 6500 C£ reel is no different. This reel is made out of top quality components and materials and it feels rock solid. I have been using my reel for the past few years and I have had no problems with it whatsoever. The build quality is second to none. If you want to keep your reel in tip top condition all you need to do is rinse off any salt and sand after each use and that’s it.

The Abu Garcia 500C3 reel isn’t cheap but it is worth each and every cent. I always think it is worth spending a little more money and buying something decent in the first instance as opposed to buying something cheap and cheerful.

SO, would I recommend the Abu Garcia 6500 C3 reel? Most definitely Sure there are cheaper reels out there but this reel is quality and one of the best surf fishing reels I have ever used. It really is an awesome piece of fishing equipment.

If you have any comments, thoughts, opinions or ideas please feel free to note them here.

Similarly, if you know of any top rated surf casting rods you would like to share please do so. I value everyone's opinion.

I welcome your comments - Any rants or raves?

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