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Swimming pool toys and games

Updated on August 7, 2013

Start summer off right with some new swimming pool toys and games

When I was growing up, we had a swimming pool and, with it came a plethora of swimming pool toys and games. We had water basketball hoops, inflatable lounges, and a bunch of dive toys (in a pinch, we used pennies...). Many hours were spent splashing around in that pool during the summer, and some wonderful memories were made.

I have my own swimming pool now and have more grown up swimming pool toys now, like a sea scooter (a motorized water toy that pulls your around at about 2 mph - it's loads of fun!). So, on this Squidoo article, I hope to introduce you to some of the best swimming pool toys and swimming pool games I could find. I'll bet you'll find something that will be a great gift for a swimming pool owner.

Photo credit: That cool swimming pool toy in the picture above is a Seedoo Seascooter but don't let the name fool you - it would be great fun in a swimming pool too!

Created: 05FEB13

Sea Scooters!

About the best swimming pool toy EVER!

I was introduced to sea scooters when on a snorkeling vacation to the Caribbean a few years ago. For those unaware, sea scooter are a cool motorized water toy that propels one through the sea, or the swimming pool. Just grab the handles and go. With a maximum speed of about 2 mph, one can whip through the water. A sea scooter is a great present for anyone who has a love of water.

Sea Doo Dolphin Sea ScooterCHECK PRICE

Sea Doo Aqua Ranger Sea ScooterCHECK PRICE

Help kids develop swimming skills with a swim ring game

Set these rings in the pool and watch the kids swim through them. Develops swimming skills and helps kids overcome the fear of going under water!

Water Sports Swim Thru Rings, 3 Pack
Water Sports Swim Thru Rings, 3 Pack

These dive rings come with an air chamber so you can set them for different depths.


More swimming pool dive toys

As I mentioned, when I was younger, we used to dive for pennies. But, nowadays, there's all kinds of fun dive toys including the below, any of which would be great gifts for a swimming pool owner.

Swimways Toypedo BanditsCHECK PRICE

Wet Products Dive Sticks CHECK PRICE

Intex Dive Rings CHECK PRICE

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The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it.

~Woodrow Wilson

Looking for unique pool toys? Here they are!

These pool floats are about the coolest pool toys around (pun included) - especially the Ice Cube shown in the first link below. Blow it up and watch the kids have fun climbing in and out of this pool float.

Foster creativity with swimming pool noodles

A great swimming pool toy!

Swimming pool noodles are long round foam pieces that are delightful just to use as a float. But, add a few connectors and watch what kind of crazy contraptions your kids can put together. Both useful and fun, no swimming pool is complete without a few pool noodles floating around:

Swimming pool foam noodlesCHECK PRICE

The biggest pool noodle ever!CHECK PRICE

Pool noodle chairCHECK PRICE

Swimming pool noodle connectorsCHECK PRICE

Please leave me comments to let me know you came to visit. And, have a wonderful summer!

Inflatable pool noodles

Perfect when pool toy storage is an issue

John and I spend many pleasant weekends on his sailboat, Namaste. We love nothing better than to find a quiet cove and just float around the Chesapeake Bay. But, especially on a boat, storage is an issue so that's how I found these inflatable pool noodles! They're just the perfect toy for a swimming pool, especially in a yard that doesn't have much storage area - just inflate before use and deflate when done. These inflatable pool noodles are also rather sturdy - we're going on 3 years with ours this summer. We also pack these for cruises so we always have floats around.

Inflatable pool noodlesCHECK PRICE

I'd love to know that you dropped by my little part of the internet world. Please leave me comments.

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