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swot analysis of Nike with other companies

Updated on November 30, 2009



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It stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats and is a easy and potent way to evaluate your company's current marketing condition.

Now if we talk about the SWOT analysis of a Big tycoon like Nike then we have to check out its strength, its weak points, the opportunities which could be availed by it and some threats to it. SO,

A brief swot analysis of Nike is just BELOW:





1.  Nike is a worldwide recognized to be the number one sportswear brand in the World.

2.  Nike being a competitive organization has a healthy aversion towards its competitors i-eduring Atlanta Olympics, Reebok expensed on sponsoring the games; Nike however sponsored the top athletes and due to this step, it gained valuable exposure.

3.  Nike has no factories; rather it uses contract factories to get the work done which makes it quite a lean organization. It has contracts with above 705 shops globally in about 46 different countries.

4.  Nike is quite strong regarding its research and development; quite evident regarding its evolving and innovative product range.

5.  there are near about 500 Fortune companies.

6.  It has employs about more than 30 thousand people all over the world.








1.  Al though it has an expand range for sportswear, however it is still heavily reliant upon its share of the footwear market which leaves it at a quite defenseless place if for any reason its market share corrode.

2.  Every business retail sector is price sensitive that means trader usually have a propensity to offer a very similar know-how to the customers with a new cheaper product.

3.  Nike was for pretty some time loath to reveal any type of information relating to its colleague companies.

4.  This company was also accounted  to have practical child employment in Pakistan and Cambodia to produce footballs.

5.  Anti-globalization groups due to its unruly and exploited manner that was quite a disaster for its reputation positioned.



1.  A large number of customers put on Nike product just because they develop a fashion style rather than to take part in any type of sport. It is mostly seems in young generation.

2.  Nike is a trendy brand, which also provides chances for Nike since its products would become old-fashioned before even the product wears out that is consumers, will sense the need to replace the item with a newer fashion.

3.  Nike through the advertisement of corporate brand and sponsorship agreements give a bunch of effort on its business marketing.


1.  There are heavy competitors of Nike in the market that always seeking the way to overtake it by applying new techniques..

2.  A slump in international economy may lead to job scarcity in most of Nike’s worldwide shops.

3.  Clients which are always shopping around for a better deal that express a good quality & if one store takes higher price for the products, the buyer would try to seek a better deal of the same product in any other place that convey the same value but cheaper.

4.  Due to atmospheric pollution, Nike is careworn to maintain its ecological reputation in the whole world.

.Due to its extensive advertisement this association is experiencing many unpleasant promotion feedbacks.


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